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Salem Baptist Preschool Openings

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  • Pamela Passey
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      From: Tammy Pressley [mailto:tammypressley@...]
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      Subject: Director's Notes--Salem Baptist Preschool


      Director’s Notes

      Salem Baptist Preschool

      July 29, 2010


      Dear Parents,

                  I hope you are having a wonderful summer. Mine has been very busy. My son is getting married in three weeks, right before preschool starts!! So I am trying to stay focused on your children and their needs. Preschool will be here sooner rather than later…..

                  Our Parent Open House is August 24 from 7:00 until 8:30 pm in the school chapel. This is for parents only. It is just an information session; your child would have to be still and quiet. That may make a bad first impression of preschool for them! They will have loads of fun at their student orientations the following days. Even if you have been to an Open House before, things change every year. You especially need to hear from your child’s teacher in person because every teacher does things differently. She will go over her class routine and expectations, all very important things to know up front. If your child will be coming to school on WF, MWF or M-F, they will attend their student orientation on August 25, time to be determined by your child’s teacher when you receive her letter. If your child attends on TTH, their student orientation is August 26.  Teacher letters to you and your child will be mailed on August 2. If anything has changed with your address, please let me know if you have not done so already, so you will receive your letter.

                  With the economy the way it is these days, we have some openings in our preschool for the fall. We would greatly appreciate it if you would help in spreading the word. We have three openings in our TTH three year old class, two openings in MWF fours and one in TTH fours. Please have anyone interested contact me through email at msnyder@....

                  I miss seeing you, my staff and the students. I look forward to meeting all our new parents and students. The teachers, Tammy and I have been working hard preparing new and exciting things to share with your precious little ones. If you have any questions or concerns, Tammy and I are here for you. Come by and see us at Open House or after you drop off children with their teacher at student orientations. Email us at any time.


      Blessings to you and your family,

      Marsha Snyder, Director at msnyder@...

      Tammy Pressley, Assistant Director at tammypressley@...


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