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FW: Harris Teeter is doing SUPER DOUBLES Feb. 17-23rd.

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  • Caper Lauver
    Just a quick note...it doesn t seem like the HT s all do their doubles/super doubles necessarily at the same time, so it s worth checking your local store s
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 15, 2010
      Just a quick note...it doesn't seem like the HT's all do their doubles/super doubles necessarily at the same time, so it's worth checking your local store's website.

      From: rachael@...
      To: rachael@...
      Subject: Harris Teeter is doing SUPER DOUBLES Feb. 17-23rd.
      Date: Sun, 14 Feb 2010 21:26:15 -0500

      Dear North Carolinian Friend,


      Did you hear that Harris Teeter is doing SUPER DOUBLES starting on Wednesday, Feb. 17? I’ve heard that it is continuing through Feb. 23. I’m not 100% sure of all the rules, but to the best of my ability and studying, I think that these are the two rules that prevail:


      20 coupons per day

      Coupons double up to and including $1.99, but I’m not 100% positive about all the rules. Be sure to check your LOCAL Harris Teeter.


      Here’s one list of the best deals from HotCouponWorld.com




      Here’s the page from WeUseCoupons.com




      Here’s the link from A Full Cup.




      I am sending this out because you have signed up with TheCouponClippers.com and we’re just trying to let you know about that. We really do need to let you in on this bit of information.


      However, because of the President’s Day mail holiday, you need to order you coupons (if you  need any), right away. The mail might be running more slowly than normal.


      Also, remember, priority mail is a 2-3 day “unguaranteed” service. Only Express mail is guaranteed. And that guarantee only extends to a refund of the $18.30 that the USPS charges us to mail it if it doesn’t make it to you on time.



      Rachael Woodard







      Rachael Woodard

      P.O. Box 1116

      Dade City, FL 33526


      For all your coupon needs

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