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Hummingbird Feeders

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  • Christina Hoadley
    Sorry... I know there is a lot of dup people getting this... take note though I now have a PURPLE glass humingbird feeder available... so if you are interested
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 15, 2009
    Sorry... I know there is a lot of dup people getting this... take note though I now have a PURPLE glass humingbird feeder available... so if you are interested in purple let me know.  It's very similar to the "Square Aqua" feeder in the photos.  See below...
    Merry Christmas Time!
    As a part of my church's (Hope Community Church) "Mina Project" I am selling hand crafted hummingbird feeders.  These are unique one-of-a-kind gifts.  Maybe a perfect present for that hard to buy for person?  I've attached some photos of the feeders I have available.  (in Word please change the "View" to Print View or Web Layout).  The price's range from $10 to $15.  All proceeds from the sales will go to a family I know that recently became homeless.  A classmate of my daughter's new baby brother was born with several health issues.  The mother was not able to go back to work after his birth.  The baby spent basically the first 3 months of his life in the hospital.  He was over at Duke Children's hospital over a month, a 45 min drive from his parents... during this time the father had to give up his car then, lost his job.  They had to sell EVERYTHING.  My daughter's classmate is now living with her father.  The baby is doing great and getting some feeding therapy now.  The parents are living at a church and are now both working while the church coordinates daycare for the baby.  They are slowly getting back on their feet.  I'm going to work with the church to see how best to utilize the funds I raise. 
    Wondering what the Mina Project is? 
    How did it get its name?

       In ancient Greece and Asia, a mina was a varying weight or value of money. In Biblical times, five minas were worth

       about three months wages. We have named this annual undertaking the Mina Project based on Jesus’ parable of the

       minas as told in Luke 19:11-27, particularly verse 13 as the nobleman charges his servants, “…’Put this money to

       work,’ he said, ‘until I come back.” The servants were given the money to invest and work with to see by how much

       they could increase the amount given to them. Since each was given a relatively small sum, the nobleman’s purpose

       was not to increase his own worth, but to see which of his servants would be worthy of greater responsibility in his

       kingdom when he returned. We, of course, understand that Jesus is the nobleman inferred by the parable and we are

       the servants to whom much has been entrusted on his behalf. It is the work of God’s kingdom that we ar

    During the weekend services of October 31/November 1, each adult Hope attendee—at both the Raleigh and Holly

    Springs campuses--received an envelope bearing various amounts of cash ranging in increments of $10-$100. In

       total, $60,000 was distributed throughout all four services. With eight weeks leading up to Christmas, the

       congregation is encouraged to be as creative and innovative as possible and use the money to invest in a project or

       work to raise additional funds. This will allow them to multiply their “minas” to provide aid to someone in need. Then,

       before Christmas day, they are asked to take their profits and use them to help someone in the community less

       fortunate then themselves--a family, a single parent, a widow, a non-profit organization, etc.


    Here's more info regarding the story of the



    Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.  If you have problems viewing the photos I can send separate attachments.

    Blessing to All!






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