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986YOU matter so much!!!!

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  • Cindilee Thorne
    Oct 20, 2009
      Hey friends, family, sponsors.

      I just have to share this.  If you already  sponsor a child you MUST watch this. This is about you.   What you do is indescribable.  Watch and see what a difference you are making....one child at a time.  May be some day you will get to meet your sponsored child.  You matter so much!!!!

      God bless you my friends,
      remain faithful.

      -Cindilee Thorne

      The meeting takes place about 7 minutes in but it is soooooo worth the wait.  My father in law was there in the auditorium and he says it was absolutely breath-taking to experience this.

      “For the Lord loves the just and will not forsake his faithful ones.”
      Ps 37:28

      How important is a sponsor?  Every sponsor matters! “What you do in your ministry as advocates is more important than I can ever tell you!” he said.  And if you think it’s hard to believe these written words, watch this amazing moment caught on video of Jimmy Wambua, a Compassion Moody Scholar, as he speaks of the impact of his sponsor and then gets to meet his sponsor for the first time ever:

      I can not remember who sponsors and who hasn't yet, but I didn't want to miss anyone so I sent it to you all.  I didn't want anyone to miss the opportunity to experience this.   Thanks,