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553New preschools looking for staff and students...

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  • chittctanj
    Feb 5, 2008
      Hi ladies,

      I just wanted to share with you two new schools opening the end of
      May this year in Morrisville. One is a preschool and one is a school
      age track out, before/after care, summer program. They are currently
      hiring teachers, teacher's aides, a pediatric nurse,
      cook/nutritionist and directors. The owner has a vision of wellness
      and fitness for the children. She plans to have organic gardens that
      the children will participate in growing AND eating from. The
      facilities are brand new and beautiful. They also have their very own
      water park, playing field, outdoor classrooms, and an indoor gym.
      Tell you what, if didn't have my own business, I'd be applying for a
      job here!!!!

      Their websites are:

      www.allstarzchildrensacademy.com (preschool)
      www.kidszonecenter.com (school-age track, before/after care, summer)

      Tell them Chris from JumpBunch sent you... :0) We're working with the
      owners on offering JumpBunch as their sports and fitness program.

      Have a great week!

      Chris Chittenden