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  • Jim Pendleton
    Nov 14, 2013
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      This is a letter I wrote to members of the Missouri Jaycee Foundation in relation with the silent auction project that is being run again this year at Winter Meeting. I am making a suggestion that perhaps a way to get more people to attend this event, might be to put together a "reunion" which would also take place at this meeting each year. As you will see below, the idea involves having 25 or even 50 year reunions of state Jaycee teams from those years, and nothing major needs to be done other than to try and get these people to the meeting each year, perhaps have them participate in the Silent Auction, come to the Senate Hospitality Room (if applicable), and if they want to register for any or all of the Meeting, they can do that as well. The only thing we would do is recognize these people at either Sat lunch or dinner. Otherwise it would be a good opportunity for these people who may not be as active as other Senators or simply haven't been back
      to anything in awhile to come socialize with some of their old friends, etc. Everyone always loved coming to Winter Meeting so this is best opportunity to do each year. If anyone has any thoughts on this, I would be open to hearing what you think.

      Thanks - Jim

      I will have a number of things I can donate for this, as I have found a number of old Jaycee related items from my recent move.  I will put together a list, but some of these things include some Jaycee mugs, old jackets, etc.

      I want to suggest something here as a side item, which is not directly related to the Foundation per se (will send to Senate also), but I have recently heard some other states doing this so perhaps it would be a way to get more people to come to the meeting, which indirectly brings more people to bid on items for the silent auction event we are having. 

      What does everyone think of putting together a 25 year reunion (and even a 50 year), of a past Jaycee year's state team?  Yes, would take some work to help locate some of those people who haven't been to anything in awhile, but we could use the people we have now who still come to things or are on facebook, etc. to help with that.  Everyone always loved to come to Winter Meeting, so that would be best time to do it.  Most of those people are probably Senators, so you can at least get them to register for Senate hospitality room, or even part or all of the Jaycee meeting if they want.  Don't even have to do anything fancy other than to recognize everyone in attendance at either Sat lunch or dinner.  Guessing the 50 years would be harder to do, and there wouldn't be as many, but would be nice to have that option there.

      Realize we are only a couple months away from Winter Meeting, but 25 years ago was Greg Greer's year (88-89).  He just retired so he may have time to help with locating those people we don't have current info for from back then.  Heck if we could even just get an email for someone, we could forward them a letter talking about this, and attach a meeting flyer if they want to register and/or stay at the hotel.  Hard to believe, but my 25th anniversary is only a couple years away, and I would love to try and put something together then.  As I said earlier, the biggest plus is to get people to come back, be involved with the silent auction, come to the Senate room (if applicable), and see what the Jaycees are doing now.

      Just some thoughts - JP