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1604Faye Page Update

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  • dgpagekcmo
    Sep 26, 2013

      Faye Page Update


      Just a quick note to let you know how Faye is doing.  She has been in St. Luke’s Hospital for two weeks after emergency surgery.  She has not been doing well.  The surgery went okay, except that they found Colon Cancer.  That is not the worst part though.  Colon Cancer is usually slow growing but she would not be able to endure Chemo.


      She has had a problem with fluid on her right lung.  They can’t seem to remove it permanently and she is not able to cough it up.


      She is not eating much and sleeps most of the time.


      Today she was taken to the North Care hospice House in North Kansas City.  This is actually a special part of the hospital.  She is in room 2 of the Hospice House.  The address is 2790 Clay Edwards Drive, NKC, MO., 64116.


      Thanks to everyone for the cards, visits, messages, thoughts and prayers.


      Best Wishes


      David Page


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