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Photos needed for species in the MOB Photo Salon

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  • Patrick Toomey
    Howdy all, Say, here is a list of a bird species for which we need photos in the various albums, and I was wondering if any of you happen to have examples that
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 1, 2008
      Howdy all,
      Say, here is a list of a bird species for which we need photos in the various albums, and
      I was wondering if any of you happen to have examples that you would be willing to share
      by uploading them into the albums. The goal of this YAHOO site was to archive examples
      of all of the birds on the Montana state list, and we are still missing about 113 species!
      Here is the list and if you have them we sure could use them:

      The only rule is that we ask that they be birds that were photgraphed within the confines
      of Montana's boundaries, but the year in which they were photographed is unimportant..

      Thanks again,


      Mute Swan
      American Black Duck
      Tufted Duck
      Black Scoter
      Willow Ptarmigan
      Greater Prairie-Chicken
      Red-throated Loon
      Manx Shearwater
      Least Bittern
      Little Blue Heron
      Green Heron
      Yellow-crowned Night-Heron
      Wood Stork
      White-tailed Kite
      Mississippi Kite
      Red-shouldered Hawk
      Broad-winged Hawk
      Yellow Rail
      Common Moorhen
      Whooping Crane
      Snowy Plover
      Semipalmated Plover
      Piping Plover
      Upland Sandpiper
      Ruddy Turnstone
      Black Turnstone
      Sharp-tailed Sandpiper
      American Woodcock
      Red Phalarope
      Black-legged Kittiwake
      Little Gull
      Ross's Gull
      Laughing Gull
      Iceland Gull
      Glaucous-winged Gull
      Great Black-backed Gull
      Least Tern
      Arctic Tern
      Pomarine Jaeger
      Parasitic Jaeger
      Long-billed Murrelet
      Ancient Murrelet
      Band-tailed Pigeon
      Inca Dove
      Yellow-billed Cuckoo
      Black-billed Cuckoo
      Barn Owl
      Flammulated Owl
      Northern Pygmy-Owl
      Common Poorwill
      Chimney Swift
      Vaux's Swift
      Costa's Hummingbird
      Red-bellied Woodpecker
      White-headed Woodpecker
      American Three-toed Woodpecker
      Eastern Wood-Pewee
      Eastern Phoebe
      Vermilion Flycatcher
      Ash-throated Flycatcher
      Cassin's Kingbird
      Scissor-tailed Flycatcher
      White-eyed Vireo
      Yellow-throated Vireo
      Plumbeous Vireo
      Philadelphia Vireo
      Western Scrub-Jay
      Pinyon Jay
      American Crow
      Purple Martin
      Chestnut-backed Chickadee
      Boreal Chickadee
      Bewick's Wren
      Sedge Wren
      Hermit Thrush
      Wood Thrush
      Siberian Accentor
      Blue-winged Warbler
      Golden-winged Warbler
      Northern Parula
      Black-throated Blue Warbler
      Black-throated Gray Warbler
      Black-throated Green Warbler
      Blackburnian Warbler
      Yellow-throated Warbler
      Pine Warbler
      Prairie Warbler
      Palm Warbler
      Bay-breasted Warbler
      Blackpoll Warbler
      Prothonotary Warbler
      Kentucky Warbler
      Hooded Warbler
      Painted Redstart
      Summer Tanager
      Eastern Towhee
      Black-throated Sparrow
      Le Conte's Sparrow
      Nelson's Sharp-tailed Sparrow
      Fox Sparrow
      Golden-crowned Sparrow
      Smith's Longspur
      Indigo Bunting
      Painted Bunting
      Great-tailed Grackle
      Hooded Oriole
      Purple Finch
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