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  • Katie LaSalle-Lowery
    Congrats, Josh! I ve enjoyed hearing about your progress. I wish I had seen the article in the Chronicle that Robin mentioned! Katie LaSalle-Lowery
    Message 1 of 3 , Sep 6, 2008
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      Congrats, Josh!  I've enjoyed hearing about your progress.  I wish I had seen the article in the Chronicle that Robin mentioned!
      Katie LaSalle-Lowery
      http://www.bigskycountry.net (updated May 21, 2008)

      From: MOB-Montana@yahoogroups.com [mailto:MOB-Montana@yahoogroups.com] On Behalf Of Joshua Covill
      Sent: Tuesday, September 02, 2008 7:48 PM
      To: MOB-Montana@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: [MOB-Montana] MY COUNTY YEAR GOAL REACHED!!! #200

      WOO HOO!!! As you can see from the title, my goal was reached today
      after school, here at home. My goal was to see 200 species of birds in
      Flathead County in the year of 2008. My 200th species was
      BOBOLINK!!!! What a great find for the neighborhood! !! My neighbors
      have an extrodinary yard for birds!! The best I have seen! The reason
      being is that they run a little produce business there. They have
      quite a bit of corn and various other vegetables. There is three
      major parts to there yard. The section that has a bunch of
      chokecherries (Waxwings, Warblers , etc...) A huge thicket of rows of
      raspberries (warblers, sparrows, etc) and a little corn field
      (sparrows, BOBOLINK!)

      In the Raspberries I found:

      Lincoln's Sparrow
      MacGillivray' s Warbler
      Orange-crowned Warbler
      Savannah Sparrow
      Chipping Sparrow
      Black-chinned hummingbird
      Pine Siskin
      Rufous Hummingbird

      In the section of Chokecherries I found:

      Wislon's Warbler
      Orange-crowned Warbler
      MacGillivray' s Warbler
      Yellow-rumped Warbler
      Cedar Waxwing
      Chipping Sparrow
      Clay-colored Sparrow
      Warbling Vireo
      White-crowned Sparrow
      Lazuli Bunting
      Gray Catbird
      Black-chinned Hummingbird

      In the Corn I found:

      Chipping Sparrow
      Clay-colored Sparrow
      Savannah Sparrow
      Vesper Sparrow
      Orange-crowned Warbler
      Lazuli Bunting
      Pine Siskin

      Only the Tennessee Warbler and Fox Sparrow were not relocated today.

      What an amazing place. The bummer is that I might not be able to see
      what shows up in the yard nest spring. Due to our financial
      situation, it looks like we will be moving soon. I just hope that our
      new house will have a big enough yard that I can landscape it
      following my neighbors yard.

      Anyway, a BOBOLINK!! WOO HOO!! I thought my chance for them had come
      and gone. I was so surprised when I raise my binoculars and saw the
      group of 3 birds that landed on top of the corn stalks were Bobolinks!
      Wow... how cool...

      More news on the birds over here coming soon

      Good luck Birding

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