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RE: Re: [MOB-Montana] BROAD-WINGEDHAWKS in Westby

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  • danbcr10
    Richard: Those would be Red-taileds and Rough-leggeds. Ironically, I just got a call from bj Worth, who is manning the Jewel site today, saying he had a
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      Those would be Red-taileds and Rough-leggeds.  Ironically, I just got a call from bj Worth, who is manning the Jewel site today, saying he had a beautiful dark-morph Broad-winged circling right overhead. This was our first dark one this fall, following 8 light morphs.  

      Dan Casey 

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      Heelo, I'm not very good at Hawks but in the winter time around Great Falls we
      sure seem to get a fair number of Dark Morph's, Species?

      On 22 Sep 2013 08:00:04 -0700
      <danielcasey55@...> wrote:
      > Jeff, et al: Three of the 50 Broad-wingeds we have classified to morph at
      >the Jewel Basin over the past five years were dark morph birds.
      > Dan Casey
      > Somers
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      > Craig, I don9t know how the incidence of dark-morph Broad-winged
      >Hawks changes geographically, but I recall that at Hawk Ridge in Duluth, MN,
      >where the birds are abundant during migration, dark morphs are quite rare. I
      >just checked with my friend who ran a banding station at Hawk Ridge for more
      >than 3 decades, and he said they see about 1 dark Broad-winged for every
      >1,000 that pass over. Thus, three dark birds out of 12 sounds almost beyond
      >belief. Maybe the incidence is higher farther west than at Duluth? Jeff
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      >September 20, 2013 8:01 PM Subject: [MOB-Montana] BROAD-WINGEDHAWKS
      > in Westby
      > Mobsters:
      > Today in Westby, my brother had 12 BROAD-WINGED HAWKS take off about 10
      >am and ride the thermals upward and ultimately to the south. Three of
      >the birds were dark morphs.
      > cheers, Craig HohenbergerBigfork

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      Great Falls, MT 59405
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