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Poia Lake/Redgap Pass

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  • paul rossi
    This past Sunday, my friend, Zac, and I hiked an amazing 24-mile day marathon up to Poia Lake, then to Redgap Pass. On Going-To-The-Sun Road, a bighorn ram
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 23, 2013
      This past Sunday, my friend, Zac, and I hiked an amazing 24-mile day marathon up to Poia Lake, then to Redgap Pass.  On Going-To-The-Sun Road, a bighorn ram decided to run along the road in front of us for a few hundred feet before he got on the rock wall and went down the mountain. We saw two Black Bears and six Mountain Goats, and Zac spotted a Grizzly Bear foraging about three miles up from the trailhead on the way back down.  

      Birding was decent.  About two miles up the trail, we encountered a Spruce Grouse hen with three chicks.  We had a Clark's Nutcracker in close proximity to Poia Lake.  Also, Golden-crowned Kinglets and Brown Creepers made themselves known.  On Poia, we saw about a dozen Barrow's Goldeneyes and another nutcracker.  As we ascended to Redgap, we found a good forest stretch for birds.  I "pished" out Mountain and Boreal Chickadees and Ruby-crowned Kinglet.  About two or so miles west of Poia Lake, we came upon ANOTHER Spruce Grouse hen with three chicks.  It's been a fantastic year for this species.  I've seen three hens and eight chicks just in the last month.  

      I've also had great success with Boreal Chickadee in the Many Glacier Hotel Area, and there are many on the Cracker Lake Trail.  I noticed good numbers about two or three miles up the Piegan Pass Trail, too, as well as several up the Two Medicine Trail (maybe less than two miles in).

      This past Tuesday in Hungry Horse (near Canyon Elementary), I had two Hairy Woodpeckers in a pine tree east of the school.  Also, a Common Loon called loudly as it flew off towards Hungry Horse Reservoir.

      Paul Rossi
      Columbia Falls

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      Date: Fri, 23 Aug 2013 18:20:54 +0000
      Subject: [MOB-Montana] Birder's guide to Swiftcurrent Nature Trail in GNP

      Dear MOB, Boreal Chickadees are one of the birds I'm asked about the most, and the easiest spot for me to send folks is just south of the Many Glacier Hotel on the Swiftcurrent Nature Trail. There was a mixed species flock again there last time I walked through that included Boreals.

      I've just posted a full Birder's Guide to the Swiftcurrent Nature Trail in the Many Glacier area of Glacier National Park: www.gnpbirds.net
      Please let me know what I've missed!


      David Benson

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