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Re: [MOB-Montana] Re: Birding Far Eastern MT

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  • Forrest Rowland
    Ms. Boyles,   Thanks for the advice! I ve heard how crazy it s been out that way, lately. Thanks for the heads up on accommodations. I ll definitely take that
    Message 1 of 11 , Mar 24, 2013
      Ms. Boyles,
      Thanks for the advice! I've heard how crazy it's been out that way, lately. Thanks for the heads up on accommodations. I'll definitely take that into consideration, and the sites, too.
      Much appreciated!
      Good Birding,
      Forrest Rowland
      Livingston, MT

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      Asunto: [MOB-Montana] Re: Birding Far Eastern MT
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      Because of the oil boom, book your rooms NOW....there may not be any available even in a few weeks to book.
      That's everywhere out here (I'm based in Glendive but travel the region for work).
      Also, stop at Makoshika state park and check out the bluebird trail..the ranger there, Ryan Sokoloski, is a birder and if you get a hold of him and let him know you're coming he can point you the right way. (Makoshika.org)

      There's also some good dusk siting at Blackbridge FAS in Glendive.

      Two other spots you might check out - the Terry badlands/calypso trail if you're into buzzards and Medicine Lake(between Sidney and Plentywood)- they have an amazing birding spot on a post about the height of a telephone pole created just for birding.

      I'm an amateur birder, but know the area pretty well - if you have more specific questions I'd be glad to help you out!

      Hope this helps!

      --- In MOB-Montana@yahoogroups.com, Forrest Rowland <rowbird2005@...> wrote:
      > MOB,
      > I've been poring over the Road Atlas, and Google Earth, mapping out a route from Alzada (SE) up to Westby (NE). My ambition is to drive this, birding my way South-to-North over the course of about a week or so, during the final days of May and first days of June. I have tagged any wooded areas along the course that I could find with reasonable access.
      > I have never been out that way before, and would really love to hear about any birding spots you MOBsters might know of. Tips on where to stay would be great, too, as it seems lodging is decidedly scarce.
      > I appreciate any information you might have on the topic!
      > Thanks gang,
      > Forrest Rowland
      > Livingston, MT

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