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Re: Black-backed woodpecker

Cole, MOB, Realized, with my second cup of coffee this morning, that I did not directly answer your implied question. The Black-backed Woodpecker is not,
5:01 AM

Re: Black-backed woodpecker

Cole, Nice photos here and in eBird. The birds are there, just not many official bird reporters. The 28Oct2015 MBD (Skarr's) database has 30 records in
5:14 PM

Black-backed woodpecker

I added a photo to my gallery of a black-backed woodpecker that I was able to photograph while hunting this past week in the Sonnette area of SE Montana. From
1:49 PM

Fox Sparrow

I had a Fox Sparrow at my yard feeder late this evening. It was feeding with a flock of about 15 house sparrows. It was too dark to photograph. The malar
Nov 24

Re: Warm Springs WMA Bird Count 11/20/15

A record late date for Greater Yellowlegs by 4 days. I have revised the mob file "Shorebirds dates_extreme" accordingly. ******************* Jeff Marks 4241 SE
Nov 24

Re: South Deer Lodge Valley Birds

Hi Gary, Are you a beta tester for the new eBird for Android. I don't see it in the google play store. Thanks Scott Ray Stanley, ND Pecked out on my phone On
Scott R a y
Nov 23

South Deer Lodge Valley Birds

I was out testing the new version of EBird for Androids today and saw a couple of interesting birds. Along the Eastside road there were 7 Rough-legged Hawks,
Nov 23

Helena Valley Black-backed Gull search

All: Three others joined me this morning to search for the Lesser Black-backed Gull that was sighted here on Saturday. Our first stop was the Helena Valley
Nov 23
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Red Polls in Great Falls

2 Common Red Polls appeared at my feeder Saturday, and were back on Sunday.  This was in Great Falls (about 10 miles south of town). D Newlon 2 Common Red
Nov 23

Re: Six Species of Gulls at Flathead Landfill

Sharon: It was great birding with you and Doug today, it sure was productive!  Great, you got a Chestnut-backed Chickadee too.  THANKS POSTING THE PHOTOS of
    Craig Hohenberger
    Nov 22
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    Re: Six Species of Gulls at Flathead Landfill

    I have posted a couple pictures of the 2 Gulls Craig mentioned. I invite comments if we are off on our IDs. Sharon Dewart-Hansen Helena, MT
      Sharon Dewart-Hansen
      Nov 22
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      Six Species of Gulls at Flathead Landfill

      MOB: Today I was joined by Sharon and Doug Dewart-Hansen at the Flathead Landfill, and we we not disappointed with six species of gulls, and possibility
      Craig Hohenberger
      Nov 22

      Lewistown yard redpolls finally - #43

      MOB, Photos posted of two Common Redpoll on the ground below the feeder tree. First one showed up at 1515, partial bird photo at 1531, followed by a battery
      Nov 21

      Ospreys still at Lake Elmo

      MOB-sters: The two immature Ospreys that have been at Lake Elmo in Billings all fall were still there this morning. The lake is ice-free; one bird was hunting
      Nov 21

      Geese, finches, longspurs

      MOB-sters: I hunted in some Block Management Areas near Silesia and Edgar today, and also managed a stop at Cooney Reservoir and a site nw of Absaroka. I saw
      Nov 20
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