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  • Byron Butler
    Nov 1 1:57 AM
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      The roads in Yellowstone NP, except Gardiner to Cooke City (through the Lamar Valley), close on Monday. Today (Saturday) Maggie and I took advantage of this last weekend of the year to bird in the park all the way to Yellowstone Lake. We registered 86 miles driving from Gardiner to Grant Village via Norris and Canyon. Below are the birds we recorded, all birds were seen on the Wyoming side unless otherwise noted. We did not encounter other birders and saw only about 30 vehicles all day. We pretty much had the whole place to ourselves. We did not go into the Lamar Valley on this trip. We did not find any feeders with seeds in Gardiner.

      Canada Goose [lost count, many, 100+, most on Yellowstone R., 10 at Grant.]

      Trumpeter Swan [44; Nymph Lake (16), Yellowstone R. (26), Yellowstone Lake (2); all the swans we identified were Trumpeters, not all swans seen were identified to species. At least 5 were juveniles.]

      Mallard [lost count, many, 100+, most on Yellowstone R.]

      Green-winged Teal [4, Yellowstone R., btwn Canyon & Lake Village]

      Lesser Scaup [10+, several locations, Nymph Lake, Yellowstone R., Yellowstone Lake.]

      Common Goldeneye [ approx. 50, several locations, most on Yellowstone R.]

      Barrow’s Goldeneye [approx. 100, Yellowstone R., 83 were in one raft at Grant, of which 20-30 were adult males and several others were first winter males. Adult & first winter females had mostly yellowish bills, and Barrow’s head color and shape. Did not see any clear-cut Commons in this raft. Other Barrow’s were seen on the Yellowstone R.]  

      Bufflehead [5; Yellowstone R.]

      Common Loon [1, Grant Village]

      Pied-billed Grebe [1, Yellowstone R., btwn Canyon & Lake Village]

      Horned Grebe [5-6, Grant Village]

      Western Grebe [1, Grant Village]

      Bald Eagle [1 adult, Yellowstone R., a little s. of Canyon]  

      Sharp-shinned Hawk [1]  

      Wilson’s Snipe [2; together in Yellowstone R., btwn Canyon & Lake Village]

      Common Raven [13; 2 on MT side; 11 on WY side]

      Clark’s Nutcracker [13-15, scattered locations, mostly in pairs]

      Black-billed Magpie [2]

      Gray Jay  [5, Yellowstone R., btwn Canyon & Lake Village, with Clark’s Nutcrackers. Non-vocal, silent flight.]

      American Dipper [6; 3 on MT side in Gardiner R.; 3 on WY side in Yellowstone R.]  

      Townsend’s Solitaire [1, n. side of Mammoth, just before Post Office]

      Mountain Chickadee [approx. 20; 6-8 btwn Mammoth & Norris; another 10+ btwn Norris and Canyon.]

      Dark-eyed Junco  [1, Canyon Village]

      Red Crossbill [10-20, btwn Norris and Canyon, another 10 birds that flew off were probably this spp.; 4.3 mi. w. of Canyon.]

      Pine Grosbeak [6-10, btwn Norris and Canyon; 4.3 mi. w. of Canyon]

      Pine Siskin [1, btwn Norris and Canyon, with the crossbills; 4.3 mi. w. of Canyon]


      We returned to Bozeman a little after 10:00 pm and went to the historic downtown area where MSU students have a tradition of walking Main Street in downtown and hitting the bars in costumes on Halloween. Hundreds of students were in costume. Maggie and I had great fun watching them until 11 pm. I understand the students take this annual event seriously, few were not in costume.
      Byron K. Butler