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4071Rusty Blackbird, Great Egret

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  • Dan Casey
    May 1 8:26 AM
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      Last night after returning from Washington state I took a quick lap
      of my usual spots around Somers. At Wiley Dike I heard an unusual
      call note and chatter that I did not recognize. With some searching,
      I got a good look at an adult female Rusty Blackbird, in the dense
      shoreline tangle along the dike (typical habitat for the species).
      This is the first time I have seen this species in the valley in

      Other recent developments include a mass invasion by White-crowned
      Sparrows; we have at least 30 around the yard (all "Gambel's", not
      our local breeding subspecies), and the arrival of our first Brown-
      headed Cowbird. We also had two Evening Grosbeaks once this week, a
      species we have not had in a very long time.

      I also got a call this week from Anne Morley of Swan Lake. She and
      her husband saw a Great Egret at the mouth of Spring Creek along the
      south shore of Swan Lake on Sunday the 27th.

      I saw many Vesper Sparrows in the Camas Prairie area on my travels
      through, but no Brewer's or Lark Sparrows in their usual haunts there
      and at Perma.

      Dan Casey