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  • Arla Eckert
    Dec 20, 2007
      On our count day for CBC we found a Harris Sparrow who was eating under a
      feeder with a group of House Sparrows. What I found very interesting was how
      this little fellow was standing up to the House Sparrows and in fact was
      winning big time!

      Also of interest was the two Sharp shined Hawks that were in my yard one
      morning that seemed to be working together. One was sitting in the big
      Spruce Tree over the bird bath/feeding area and the other was flying around.
      Also had a Merlin go over the top of the yard. I have seen this happen
      before last February. My guest is the hawk was there most of the day, since
      my bird bath was almost full that night and most days it is dry by late in
      the day if I am gone.

      Then yesterday morning I was out filling my feeders from a very large metal
      trash can and I heard a chickadee sound right next to me. The little guy
      dove right into the can that was about 1Ž4 filled to grab a seed then sat near
      by to eat it. Next it was right next to me drinking from the birdbath.
      Things like this are what make birding so much fun. Arla Eckert Great Falls
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