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3051Re: Steller's Jay learned behavior?

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  • Chad Adams
    Dec 1 7:51 PM
      Bob - We have a place in Island Park, ID where we get a lot of
      Steller's Jays. They get fed unshelled peanuts in the winter, along
      with other seed and suet. They usually take the unshelled peanuts
      first, even with shelled nuts next to them. They usually fly off
      with the entire unshelled nut and stash them in various places, then
      eat a few by pecking the shell a few times woodpecker-like to get at
      the nut inside.

      --- In MOB-Montana@yahoogroups.com, "Bob Martinka" <birder_bob@...>
      > Birders:
      > For the past 5-6 weeks, I have had both Clark's nutcrackers and a
      > Steller's Jay using my feeders regularly. The nutcrackers relish the
      > unshelled peanuts I keep on hand for the occasional blue jays that
      > stop by in fall. Suet is also a favorite of theirs. The Steller's
      > seemed to eat white millet exclusively, ignoring the sunflower seed,
      > unshelled peanuts and suet. The nutcrackers are dominant and the jay
      > stays in the background when they are present and wait for them to
      > leave. Beginning yesterday, the jay began taking the unshelled
      > like it was an old hand at it and deftly extracted seed from the
      > with a little bit of pecking. Was it the cold weather that prompted
      > the jay to begin eating the peanuts or did it learn how to use them
      > watching the nutcrackers? Or is there some other rational
      > Do others of you who have Steller's jays see them eating unshelled
      > peanuts?
      > Or should I just get back to finishing my home improvement
      projects -
      > as I have been admonished to do???
      > Bob
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