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  • Arla Eckert
    Aug 1, 2007
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      The black and white duck that is being seen off and on in the river here in
      Great Falls is a barnyard type duck. It is a large duck and is often with
      the geese on the river or is seen on the shore hiking along. I have been
      getting calls on it since early June.

      Also there are a number of mallards that are odd balls. Also we have a large
      flock of white farmyard geese and a pair of Graylag geese (note the large
      belly and a ridge line behind the bill on these to make sure you are not
      seeing a Greater White-fronted goose)
      West Bank Park last week yielded the following birds
      Common terns 2 or more
      1 Caspian Tern check out the large size, black legs
      1 Great Blue Heron
      Huge numbers of Franklin Gulls in many different stages of molt-very
      Ring-billed gulls
      California Gulls-some were born on the sand bar itself.
      Spotted Sandpipers
      Solitary Sandpiper note small dots on back
      American Avocet
      Redhead Ducks in molt
      Common Goldeneye in molt
      American White Pelican
      Double-crested Cormorant
      2 Marbled Godwit
      Plus many small backyard type birds along the shore
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