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19338Freezout A.M.

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  • birder43
    Aug 18 11:31 PM

      MOB, checked out Freezout this morning.  Between the lush growth of the cattails and other water grasses in some spots covered up some good habitats.  There are a few mudflats but not many.  Shorebirds include -- 4 Baird's Sandpipers at the Neck and near the Dike, 6 Least Sandpipers at the Neck and the Dike, 2 Greater Yellowlegs, and 2 Lesser Yellowlegs at the Neck and near the Dike with 2 Wilson's Snipe near the Dike.  Mike Schwitters did find a Black-bellied Plover on Pond 6 as well.  Met up with mike later on in the morning.  Hopefully the next weather pattern with cooler temps will bring in a few more species of shorebirds to Freezout.  Good birding Larry Carter  Fairfield

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