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19040Re: [MOB-Montana] Lewis & Clark Caverns Field Trip for the Audubon Festival.

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  • Pamela Poon
    Jun 10, 2014
      Hi dear:

      How about a breakfast picnic and birding at the L&C Caverns State Park this weekend?

      Pamela G. Poon, P.L.L.C.
      Attorney Mediator

      P.O. Box 665
      Bozeman, MT  59771-0665

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      On Jun 10, 2014, at 4:39 PM, Tom Forwood Jr tjfishing75@... [MOB-Montana] wrote:


      We had great weather Sunday for the Lewis & Clark Caverns State Park
      field trip for the Audubon festival and we logged 57 species with some
      highlights as well. The group seemed to have a blast and I know I did. I
      got to go out with some fantastic people during the two field trips this
      weekend and it made for a good time all around. Thanks to those I birded
      with and here's the list of what we saw Sunday. Tom

      American White Pelican
      Double-crested Cormorant
      Turkey Vulture
      Golden Eagle
      Red-tailed Hawk
      Spotted Sandpiper
      Greater Yellowlegs (very odd for the location/time of season)
      Mourning Dove
      Rock Pigeon
      White-throated Swift
      Northern Flicker
      Western Wood Pewee
      Least Flycatcher
      Dusky Flycatcher
      Cordilleran Flycatcher
      Eastern Kingbird
      Western Kingbird
      Warbling Vireo
      Cassin's Vireo
      Clark's Nutcracker
      Black-billed Magpie
      Common Raven
      Northern Rough-winged Swallow
      Tree Swallow
      Violet Green Swallow
      Mountain Chickadee
      Rock Wren
      House Wren
      Ruby-crowned Kinglet
      Mountain Bluebird
      Townsend's Solitaire
      Hermit Thrush
      American Robin
      Gray Catbird
      European Starling
      Cedar Waxwing
      Orange-crowned Warbler
      MacGillivray's Warbler (heard only)
      Yellow Warbler
      Yellow-rumped (Audubon's) Warbler
      Yellow-breasted Chat
      Green-tailed Towhee
      Spotted Towhee
      Chipping Sparrow
      Vesper Sparrow
      Lark Sparrow
      Song Sparrow
      Western Tanager
      Lazuli Bunting
      Western Meadowlark
      Brown Headed Cowbird
      Bullock's Oriole
      Cassin's Finch
      Pine Siskin
      American Goldfinch

      Tom Forwood
      Park Ranger
      Lewis & Clark Caverns State Park
      P.O. Box 489
      Whitehall, MT 59759


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