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18113Great Blue Herons West of Bozeman

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  • pittendrigh
    Feb 8, 2014
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      Tried posting this yesterday but the send form seemed to lock up. I'll try again.

      We spent a few hours yesteray, from noon 'til 3:00pm driving gravel roads West of Bozeman Feb 7th.  Counted 11 Rough Legged Hawks on power poles.  Perhaps one harrier, hovering over a field.  After a week of below zero weather Heeb Pond was frozen tight and devoid of birds.  But we did see 3 to 5 Great Blue Herons in the spring fed ditch to the South of the Pond, on Heeb Road.  We saw three for sure.  The next two might have been the same ones circling back.  It was still below zero at that point.  Or near it anyway.