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18103Clyde Park and Shields Valley birds

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  • steel_rsd
    Feb 3, 2014
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      I saw about 22 Bald Eagles within a couple miles along Hwy 89 south of Clyde Park this morning.  Most of them were grouped together perched on a few trees at about mile marker 10.   

      Clyde Park yard birds continue to be consistently the same 12-14 species.  Of note, the Harris's Sparrow is still present on a daily basis along with 10-30 Tree Sparrows.  A White-breasted Nuthatch has reappeared after not seeing one for a couple months.  Clark's Nutcracker, Hairy WP, Downy WP, Northern Flicker, Evening Grosbeak, BC Chickadee and Mountain Chickadee are other regulars of note. 

      Scott Dean

      Clyde Park, MT