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17842WS WMA 11/21/13 Report) ( Last report for this year)

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  • garyswant
    Nov 21, 2013
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      The weather had a range of temperatures from 2-18F, clear and no winds.  All of the ponds are now frozen over with the exception of a few holes packed with birds in several ponds. 

       There were 2,513 individuals and 25 species today, compared to 7,412 individuals, and 22 species last week.  Numbers of individuals is dropping rapidly.   


      Several birds were frozen in the water, and there were two Western Grebes that were sitting on the ice unable to take flight.  I watched one make several attempts only to fall back on the ice.  I also saw the remains of what looked like a Western Grebe on the ice.  The ravens, eagles and coyotes are taking advantage of the quick freeze.  

      American Coots are at 934 this week.  Last week I counted 3,230.  Coots represented 43% of the total this week.


      There were a few Snow Geese, Ross’s Geese, and Tundra Swans and 2 Trumpeter Swans on the ice. 


      All water species were under 200 with the exception of Canada Goose at 441, American Wigeon at 367 (2,499 last week), Mallards 489 and American Coot at 934.  These four species made up 88% of all individuals seen.


      The number of Canada Geese increased dramatically from last week’s count of 17.  There were also 2 Cackling Geese in among the Canada Geese.  Most of the geese and swans were on the south end of ARCO 3.


      There was one new species for the year this week, the Cackling Goose. It is also a new species to the WMA, though not new to Latilong 27C.  We did see one at Racetrack Pond in April of 2012.  Year to date bird species seen at Warm Springs WMA is 168.  Total birds ever seen at WS WMA now stands at 210. 


      Gary Swant

      Deer Lodge