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17839Canada Goose nesting

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  • jahoy222
    Nov 20, 2013

      I just received a report tonight that a pair of Canada Geese decided to
      nest in the wetland behind the hospital in Hamilton, MT in mid October,
      laid eggs and incubated the eggs for 28 days, abandoning the nest on
      Sunday, November 17. Is it unusual for geese to nest in October? Has
      this been reported before?

      Interesting study on the migrating birds, Jeff, thanks for posting.

      Interesting birds at our place in November include a Stellar's Jay that
      may be here for the winter, a Killdeer that only stayed a short time, a
      Western Meadowlark that was around for at least a day, a Townsend's
      Solitaire that comes back each fall to hang around for the winter and a
      Pileated Woodpecker that didn't stay long.

      Judy Hoy
      Stevensville, MT
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