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17836Not one, but TWO Black-legged Kittiwakes on Ennis Lake

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  • pauletteepple
    Nov 19, 2013
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      Martha Collins, Vickie Backus and I headed to Ennis Lake with hopes of seeing the reported Kittiwake this afternoon.  As we watched a Bonapartes Gull hanging around the Meadow Lake Fishing Access Site, Tim Barksdale pointed out to us and the Beckers, a juvenile Black-legged Kittiwake with the bold black 'M' shape marking on the wings.  This bird flew around that end of the lake for about a minute and then was gone from sight for the rest of the day.  Later on we discovered an adult kittiwake flying along the shore about a quarter mile west of the Lake Shore Cabins and Campground.  Wind surfers were active near Kobiyashi Beach and had displaced all the gulls from that area.  Paulette Epple