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17826Two interesting gulls

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  • danbcr10
    Nov 17, 2013

      This afternoon I found and photographed two very interesting gulls (with apologies to those of you to whom "very interesting gulls" is an oxymoron).  The first was a relatively small (for the species) Glaucous-winged Gull.  It was approximately the size of a California Gull, with folded primaries just a shade darker than the rest of the wing and back. It had a pretty prominent gonydeal angle ("blob-tipped" bill), that was marginally lighter at the base.  All of these features may hint at mixed parentage (e.g. Western or Herring).  

      The other most interesting bird was a particularly small-billed, light Thayer's Gull that also had a lightish yellow-green bill with black tip. It also appeared fairly small and long-winged, and indeed may be a bird in the middle of the "Thayer's-Kumlien (Iceland) Gull" cline.  It certainly was different than the three other firstwinter Thayer's present.  

      Still 2,000 or so gulls present, not all of them easily studied in the muddy topography of the landfill.  Ring-billeds dominated; very few Californias, a good many Herrings. No Mew or Lesser Black-backed, and no Glaucous yet, either.

      Photos will be posted momentarily. I welcome comments to either.

      Dan Casey
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