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17820Warm Spring WMA Survey, November 15

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  • garyswant
    Nov 16, 2013
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      Hi All, (November 15, 2013 Report)

      The weather had a range of temperatures from 32-34F, with light wind and cloudy.  All of the ponds are ice free.


      There were 7,400 individuals and 22 species, compared to 12,300 individuals, and 31 species last week.  Numbers of individuals and species is now dropping weekly.



      American Coots are at 3,200 this week.  Last week I counted 2,600.  Coots represented 43% of the total this week.


      You might remember that I had 3,500 Tundra Swans and 200 Snow/Ross Geese last week.  There were no Snow Geese or Tundra Swans today, so their stay was short.   


      All water species were under 200 with the exception of, American Wigeon at 2,500 (1,700 last week), Mallard at 400 (2,700 last week), Bufflehead 250, Common Goldeneye at 400, and American Coot at 3,200.  These five species made up 91% of all individuals seen.


      American Wigeon and Mallards numbers fluctuate up and down week to week depending on how large the flocks are that pass through. 


      I also observed one Northern Shrike, the first of the fall season, near ARCO Pond 2.


      There were no new species for the year this week.  Year to date bird species seen at Warm Springs WMA is 167.  Total birds ever seen at WS WMA are 209. 


      Gary Swant

      Deer Lodge