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15555RFI on a few specialties

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  • liferrtloon
    Mar 2, 2013

      I will be travelling through Montana this June and am interested in searching for several species along the way. My route will be from Sidney to Red Lodge via 200, 16, 94, 90, and 212. I have looked in the Montana birding guide and perusing the posts from this list, but was hoping for some more up-to-date info. The species I am interested in are:

      Mountain Plover: everything suggests that the Glasgow area is dependable for this species, but that's rather out of the way for me. Are there any alternatives closer to the route? Are the Pryor Mountains still reliable?

      McCown's Longspur: my research has turned up Fox Lake near Sidney and Eastlick Road near Billings as possibilities; can someone confirm/deny these and/or suggest other alternatives?

      Burrowing Owl: any reliable prairie dog colonies along the route?

      Gray Partridge: this seems like a bird that one stumbles upon while driving along, but are there any particularly good places to look?

      Thanks in advance for your help. I will gladly return the favor if anyone is planning on coming to Jersey in the future.

      ~Nigel Bates
      Hopewell, NJ
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