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15427Re: Sacagawea Park footbridge birds

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  • Mike Lesnik
    Feb 2, 2013
      --- In MOB-Montana@yahoogroups.com, Scott Dean wrote:
      > >>>>>>>>> Saw a good portion of the list below including the Blue Jay, Grackles (2) and the Sharp-shinned. Didn't see the Juncos.  Thanks for the posting!
      > Scott Dean
      > Clyde Park
      > ________________________________

      You are welcome, Scott. Glad that you found my favorite place in Park County to just sit and watch for movement.

      Did you take some of them home with you? At 1445 yesterday all I saw were the waterfowl and two Blue Jays. Had just come from my second sighting of the day of a Steller's Jay perched high in a tall conifer across US 89 and a couple hundred meters south of the Free River Fishing Access Site.

      Will be looking for your posts from the north end of the county.

      Mike Lesnik
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