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11475New MapViewer for Generalized Observations

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  • Ratz, Dave
    Sep 1, 2011
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      Hi MOB,


      We’ve released a new toolset in our new MapViewer that replicates some info you used to get from the Natural Heritage Tracker.


      This new app is a LOT faster than Tracker and is built on newer technology.  If you’d like to give it a spin, follow this link:


      Some features to highlight are:

      -          Select Animal or Plant to view the distribution around Montana.

      -          Many Animals have Range Maps that you can overlay on the map.

      -          You can add your own observations in a simple Observation Form.

      -          Use the Identify Tool to see the observation counts by LL, QLL, QQLL.

      -          The Identify Tool also provides a link to a printable report that includes all the species we’ve seen for a specific QQLL, including a thumbnail image and counts, handy for a trip to the field.


      This is a Beta version so feedback is welcome.





      Web Projects Manager

      Montana Natural Heritage Program