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1116Re: Gull sighting question(s)

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  • Dan Casey
    Dec 1, 2006

      Chuck's Lesser Black-backed Gull has been submitted to the Bird
      Records Committee. It would represent the first state record of the
      species if accepted, but that review is not likely to take place
      until after the beginning of the New Year.

      As for the Mew Gull, I submitted this one to the committee for
      review as well, although it is not a "Review Species" for QLL 2D
      based on the number of previous sightings. I just thought it would
      be good for the committee to go over a record of an immature bird of
      this species (we have few to none).

      It seems to me that review species, particularly those new to the
      state list, have been left off the Big Year list until accepted, so
      it would be consistent at this point to include the Mew Gull but not
      the Lesser Black-backed.

      Obviously, Ancient Murrelet also occurred in the state this year,
      albeit not alive for someone to count. I leave it to you to decide
      if the Big Year list is by ABA rules or represents those
      species "known to have occurred" in the state for the year.

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