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ID Judges needed for convention

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  • Susan Adams
    To: MN STATESMEN It is that time of year, Fall All State, is just around the corner. The Statesmen Org. is again seeking judges for competitions. I was
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 2, 2008
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           It is that time of year, Fall All State , is just around the corner.   The Statesmen Org.  is again seeking judges for competitions.  I was searching for the words to help me inspire others to step up and judge.  I found my inspiration in the topics that the competitors themselves had to choose from.  All three topics are inspirational.


      Topic 1.  "As  a Jaycee I am never alone"


          Wow is that not true!  Someone somewhere had the faith and perception to see something in each competitor that encouraged them to compete.  Now these competitors will see that they are never alone because of the interests the Statesman Org and the MN Jaycees have taken in them. Helping to provide these individual competitors with such good opportunities to reach individual goals through competitions is our chance to continue being part of the Jaycee movement.  

           As Statesman we are part of a group of Individuals who excelled in that very same Jaycee experience. Judging helps connect us back to these basic roots so we may see that we as an organization are never alone we are connected to those we are dedicated to serve.


      Topic 2.  "Believe in yourself and others will follow."


          Every good leader has had to cross that bridge.  The decision to compete was easier for some I am sure.

      Stepping out of ones comfort zone and taking a moment to move forward is what becoming a leader is about.

       We should continue to show are support to these individuals who have demonstrated a willingness to do that.

           If you have never judged then you can follow these young competitors example and believe in yourself.

      Helping to judge is an excellent training opportunity. It also gives you the knowledge you need to continue to encourage new competitors.

           “Believe in yourself and others will follow"   this is the only way to succeed as leaders.


      Topic 3.   "There is no day but today."


          If you hesitate the people who need are encouragement today may slip away. Goodbye future MN Jaycee President

      Goodbye Future Statesmen Org .Member.  These individual competitors deserve are attention not just in the future but today that is how we will make a difference.

      “There is no day but today!”


      Please consider how your efforts and time as a judge will inspire these competitors!!!!!!!!!


      If you are interested


      Nora Anderson

      Statesman 1338



      Susan Adams

      Statesman 1376       

      Girl Saturday



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