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Golf course for Veterans

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    Minnesota Jaycees - ... about a man building a golf course to honor America s veterans of all wars. It is well worth reading. www.sctimes.com ... know his
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 28, 2006
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      Minnesota Jaycees -
      > In today's edition of the St. Cloud Times there is an article
      about a man building a golf course to honor America's veterans of
      all wars.  It is well worth reading.  www.sctimes.com
      > I have known this gentleman since I was a kid.  Some of you may
      know his sister Barb Olson, who is a Minnesota Statesman and a past
      member of the New London Jaycees.  Marlyn is not a wealthy man
      looking for something to do with $200,000.  He is a hardworking
      veteran, who just as the article states, has a dream to build this
      golf course honoring vets, and accessible and available to vets. 
      > This is a perfect project for Jaycee chapters to support.  So, if
      any of you can find it in your hearts and pocketbooks to help this
      man finish this tremendous project, please do so.  This place will
      be a great honor to vets for many years to come.
      > Let's find a way to make it happen for our vets, MN Jaycees!
      > Della Oyen
      > Sartell Jaycees
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