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Trs: Nanoimprint Optimization by Simprint Simulation Software

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      Masyarakat Nano Indonesia
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      --- Pada Rab, 3/11/10, NILT Press Release <pressrelease@...> menulis:

      Dari: NILT Press Release <pressrelease@...>
      Judul: Nanoimprint Optimization by Simprint Simulation Software
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      Tanggal: Rabu, 3 November, 2010, 10:50 AM

      Press Release

      Nanoimprint Optimization by Simprint Simulation Software

      NIL Technology (NILT), supplier of imprint stamps for nanoimprint lithography (NIL), and Simprint Nanotechnologies Ltd. (SNL) have entered into a strategic partnership based on SNL’s Simprint Simulation Software, supporting nanoimprint users by predicting key parameters in the imprint process based on analysis of the stamp design.

      The Simprint Simulation Software, now available, anticipates stamp design drawbacks before deploying the stamp in the imprint process. The software offers fast full-chip simulation of residual layer thickness (RLT) variation and stamp cavity filling, and drives the selection of key imprint process parameters.

      The software is at least 1,000 times faster than conventional simulation approaches (e.g. finite-element) and balances simulation speed with spatial resolution according to needs. Simprint simulations take into account protrusion shape and size as well as areal density, allowing the user to identify potential problems with the stamp design.

      Simprint Simulation Software accepts GDS design files as a direct input to the simulations. Imprint and polymer parameters are defined in separate input files for easy reuse, while Simprint’s intuitive graphical interface enables the user to generate a full simulation report for a complete overview of results.

      Simprint Simulation Software 1.00 is available in both academic and professional versions. The academic version requires access to MATLAB and is available for a price of EUR 1,000.The professional version does not require MATLAB, and is available for EUR 4,000. For a limited period until Feb 2011, NILT will include a free Simprint Simulation Report when purchasing a stamp.

      Hayden Taylor, SNL: “Acknowledging that imprint stamps can be costly, especially for prototyping, Simprint Simulation Software provides key information far earlier in the development process than has previously been possible. Simprint can help identify, prior to stamp fabrication, potential regions of excessive residual layer thickness variation and incomplete pattern imprinting. The software also lets users identify optimal process parameters, saving time in the lab.”

      “For NILT, Simprint Simulation Software acts as a clear added-value for our customers by decreasing likelihood of costly re-designs and re-makes of the stamps and in turn further strengthens our customers’ work with nanoimprint lithography. At the same time, it accentuates NILT as a strong NIL stamp supplier,” says Theodor K. Nielsen, CEO, NILT.

      Please go to www.nilt.com/Simprint for further details.

      About NIL Technology ApS
      NIL Technology ApS (NILT) specializes in nanopatterning and nanoimprint lithography. NILT has experience in meeting complex demands for research and new product development activities, and assists customers in all stages from pattern design to imprinted pattern.

      About Simprint Nanotechnologies Ltd.
      Simprint Nanotechnologies (www.simprintnanotech.com) sells software tools and services to companies that use nanoimprint lithography (NIL). We offer an extremely fast way of simulating the nano-scale transformation of material involved in NIL — a sorely-needed capability that will, for the first time, allow semiconductor and data-storage manufacturers to use nanoimprint reliably and without risk. Our company will help accelerate the adoption of NIL and will enhance the benefits of using this elegant, fast and inexpensive patterning technique.

      Contact NIL Technology ApS
      Theodor Nielsen, CEO
      Direct: +45 3171 9036
      E-mail: theodor.nielsen@...
      Web: www.nilt.com


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