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34Social Contribution 2010

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  • Kh
    Jan 16, 2010
      I feel so great to announce that WE,MMU RED CRESCENT will have activity on SEmester 3 ( this coming semester) , WEEK 1
      (23 Jan to 24 Jan)

      This activity is social contribution~ ~~which meant that we can contribute our effort and what we learnt to the people needed.Also will have hiking and hot spring .

      So, we will go to Tampin ~~a unbelievable and fantastic place to teach the society as well as the students.
      Tampin is at Seremban ~ we will go by MMU BUS
      Not only teaching the students there, but we will also have fun afterwards.
      This i s a 2 days 1 night activity.

      All the meals , transport fee , event fee and etc will be included~~~but the price only RM30 only
      ( If you calculate one day meal is about RM10 , we go 2 days =Rm20) but we also got go hiking , can go tampin,can sleep there, and hot spring~~very cheap )

      Week 1 sure you don't have anything to do, so we plan for you .
      The seats only have 44 .
      You can register your name to
      Lee Soo Yee : leesooyee88@... (0124309736)
      Sim Keen Hoe : keenhoe89@... (0167306252)

      Thank you and have a nice day.