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23[mmu_rcs] Great news!!! DRRO 2009/2010 coming soon....

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  • leesooyee88
    Aug 27, 2009
      Dear all,

      It is proud to announce that we are having our DRRO camp in the 2nd semester 09/10. The details for the DRRO Camp are as below:
      Date : 6th - 8th November 2009 ( Friday- Sunday)
      Venue: Commonwealth Forest Park
      Fees : To be confirmed.

      Wondering what is DRRO camp???? DRRO camp stand for Disaster relief & rescue operation camp .... It is a camp where u can apply all the things u learn in the class( of course is all the first aid things) to the real situation..... It is challenging & a new experience.... ;)

      For your information, DRRO Camp is part of the 7 courses which required in order for you to get an instructor certification..... So, do grab this opportunity to acquire the certificate as soon as possible as it only offered once a year.....

      Each members are compulsory to join the camp....Exemption letter(for Friday)will be given.....Do not waste the chance cause the time wouldn't wait for you!!!!! Act fast and register for it now to your VAD commandant with your name, ID, IC, hp number, email add & Tshirt size (Your commandant will get more details information from you).... Faster register o... The due date for this registration is 15th September 2009 (Tuesday)...We are waiting for u....:D

      Thank you.


      Sophia Wong Sue Huey
      Secretary of DRRO 09/10,
      Malaysian Red Crescent,
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