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21Duty for World Vision Famine 30 Duty

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  • leesooyee88
    Aug 18 4:47 PM
      Dear all,

      RCS has been request to duty for World Vision Famine 30 Duty

      The 30-Hour Famine is a global movement against hunger and poverty.

      Participants go without food for 30 hours and get a glimpse of the dire conditions that children and families in need endure everyday.

      As so, First Aiders are required to stand by for any emergency. Your involvement of volunteering yourself for the duty is highly appreciated.

      If you are interested and want to know more, feel free to visit the website below:

      http://www.worldvis ion.com.my/ famine2009/ index.php

      The details of duty is as stated below:

      Date : 22nd -- 23rd Aug 2009
      Time : 12 pm ┬ĘC 10 am
      Venue : MMU MPH

      We will need at least 4 first aiders.

      Lunch will be provided.

      Please wear RC-T-shirt, black/dark color pants, name tag, belt, black shoes

      if any of you are interested to volunteer yourself to be on standby as first aider during the event,
      please send your name, Student ID, contact details and your time slot to me

      sue ern - email: lim_sue_ern@ yahoo.com
      hp: 019-2636028

      Hope to get email from you. You can choose to either duty 1 day or more.
      Thank you so much.

      Your cooperation is highly appreciated.

      "Together We Strive for Humanity"

      Best regards,
      Lim Sue Ern
      Chairman of Social Welfare
      Malaysian Red Crescent