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OT~ Fanfic My Sacrifice12-18

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    Chapter 12 Chica: Ren, what’s up? Ren: not much I see you had a taste of the MJ Delight. Chica: unfortunately I didn’t we both fell asleep and
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      Chapter 12
      Chica: Ren, what’s up?
      Ren: not much I see you had a taste of the MJ Delight.
      Chica: unfortunately I didn’t we both fell asleep and that’s it I woke up and he was holding me. Pete never called so I have no clue what his problem is. I think it’s the case of the Ex.
      Ren: Now don’t jump to conclusions, oh I have to tell you what happened after you left.
      Jenn hooked up with Adam; Beth also hooked up with someone new.
      Chica: don’t even tell me! It was mark wasn’t’ it?
      Ren: you got it she finally got a piece of the dead man and I was a good girl unlike my friends I went back to my room with Matt.
      Chica: Girl you don’t even know how bad I wanted Mark but I can’t just sleep with him. And besides who knows what today may bring maybe the situation between Torrie and Pete is innocent. Ren, I’m scared
      Ren: Just think about it, if Pete isn’t the real deal you have Mark and the way the two of you click is pretty electrifying.
      Chica: Aw Ren you really know how to cheer me up.
      Ren: Anytime, listen we have to get our asses In gear we have to be in Atlanta tonight so I think we should leave within the hour, I’ll call Brina and Jenn I’ll call you when I’m ready to go.
      Chica: talk to you later.
      I hung up the phone and rang the front desk
      Chica: Hi this is Ang in room 1214, I was wondering if Mr. Gruner had checked out yet?
      Front Desk: Ma’am he had already checked out. Is there anything else I can help you with?
      Chica: Yes there is what about a Ms Torrie Wilson?
      Front desk: she is gone as well.
      Chica: thank you.
      I left the hotel and went with the girls to the airport. When we arrived in Atlanta I felt like I was gonna rip someone’s head off. We got our rental car and made our way to the arena.
      Ren: Chica, why are you stressing?”
      Chica: well because first of all he didn’t call me last night and he left Florida without even saying goodbye. That’s pretty fucked up don’t you think?
      Godiva: just quit him and hook up with Mark. Mark’s way hotter than Pete is anyway.
      Brina: no shit, Mark’s body is booming!
      Chica: I know but Mark just went through a divorce and he probably doesn’t wanna get serious now.
      Ren: so what, you left with him last night and you clicked just go with the flow, if Pete can’t be straightforward with you then screw him.
      Chica: your right I’m gonna confront him, he’s all done.
      In the backstage area I was setting up and Pete came walking over to me.
      Pete: Hey, we have to talk.
      Chica: damn right we do! What was last night all about?
      Pete: I still love Torrie, we are getting back together. I’m sorry if I hurt you but I didn’t know that I still felt for her. Everything came back last night, and I heard that Mark has had it for you for years but he was married. Mark’s a great guy I’m sure he’ll treat you a lot better. Is there any possibility we can still be friends?
      “Chica: we can still be friends but when she dumps your ass again I’m not gonna be here for you to cry on my shoulder. I really liked you I liked you a lot, and I will consider hooking up with Mark, he was honest with me since I met him. I’m sure he’ll treat me a lot better.
      I walked away with tears in my eyes the first person I seen as I was going into my locker room was Ren.
      Chica: he’s still in love with her and he dumped me.
      Ren: Oh honey I’m sorry, you’ll be fine we are here for you in every way, shape, and form.
      Chica: thanks for being here with me I never got to thank you guys for coming here, it means a lot to me.
      Ren: you’re my friend, how could I say no.
      I hugged Ren and went for a walk.
      I put my headphones on and listened to Nickleback’s “How you remind me”
      “It’s not like you to say sorry
      I was waiting on a different story
      This time I’m mistaken
      For handing you a heart worth breaking
      I’ve been wrong, I’ve been down, to the bottom of every bottle
      It’s the words in my head scream “are we having fun yet?”

      Ivory came running over to me
      Ivory: your not gonna believe this!
      Chica: what?
      Ivory: you have something waiting near your locker.
      Chica: what is it?
      Ivory: get your ass over there and get it.
      I walked over and it was a huge vase with Italian lavender.
      Chica: Holy shit! No one knows that these are my favorite.
      Ivory: I guess Mark knows.
      Chica: Lisa, what should I do?
      Ivory: he’s one of the good ones I suggest you go for him.
      Chica: I’ve wanted him forever but
      Ivory: “he was married right?”
      Chica laughed, yes he was. I have to find him.
      I ran around like a lunatic looking for him until I bumped into Chuck Palumbo.
      Chica: Chuck, have you seen Mark?
      Chuck: sure he’s sitting in the stands.
      Chica: where abouts?
      Chuck: balcony 4
      Chica: thanks.
      I walked out to the stands and Mark was there alone.
      Chica: hello, thank you for the flowers I can’t believed you remember
      Mark: your welcome, I knew you would need them after last night, so how’d everything go with Pete?
      Chica: not to well he’s getting back with Torrie. That’s fine I’ll get over it.
      Mark: Wow the both of us are getting shafted these days that could be a sign.
      Chica: you’re right it could be a sign. What are you doing tonight after the show?
      Mark: I’m not wrestling tonight so I can leave early, would you like to go for a late dinner?
      Chica: do you think that’s a good idea?
      Mark: why not, we’re adults and besides we have a lot of catching up to do.
      Chica: you’re right, I can’t believe I said that. I’d be more than happy to go out with you.
      Mark: cool, I’ll swing by the locker room on my way out.
      Chica: sounds good I’ll see you then.
      Mark: so it’s a date, bye
      I then bolted back to my locker room and I was jumping around happier than when Pete had asked me out. Mark and I went back a long time. This might work out.

      Chapter 13
      I jumped into the shower and got dressed.
      You’re glowing! Said Ren
      Ren, I can’t believe it he just might be mine, I replied
      Ang, just be yourself, you’ve known him for a long time and you always wanted him just relax and don’t worry.
      I’ll try, I’m gonna go meet Mark now see you back at the room
      If you make it Ren said
      I will make it back!
      I walked out to the parking lot and Mark was there beside a Lincoln Navigator and boy did he look good. He was wearing a tight dark blue shirt and black dress pants, hair all done sporting some gold and his Movado watch. Good thing I dressed up.

      You look absolutely amazing Ang.
      And you look absolutely sexy.
      So where to Ang?
      How about some Seafood? And maybe a few drinks and who knows maybe you might get to dance with me.
      Sounds good babe, jump in
      Mark opened the door and let me in at that point I remembered a scene in the Movie The Bronx Tale and when Calogero picked up Jane to go to the movies and he had a rule in which you lock all doors, let the girl in and peek through the rear windshield and see if she unlocks his door. If she doesn’t that indicates she’s selfish and not the one and if she does unlock it she’s the one. So then I looked in the mirror and seen Mark looking, I instantly unlocked his door.
      I passed the test, well in the movie I would’ve but we’ll see what happens.
      We arrive at this beautiful seafood restaurant and we order some drinks.
      So Mark do you miss Atlanta?
      Sometimes, I‘m just glad I’m back on the road doing what I love, the only downfall is seeing little MJ grow up. He’s too young to understand but at least I get him Wednesday through Saturday.
      It must be tough Mark, I hope to have a family someday but I really want to return to wrestling full time.
      You do! I thought you’d job for a few people and do make-up
      I’m gonna see how I do with my dark match against Jazz.
      What dark match?
      Stephanie asked me earlier today if I’d do a dark match on next week’s Raw it’s in my hometown Boston.
      I have 5 days to get ready, Jazz is gonna come to Boston to work with me at Kowalski’s until Raw.
      Well I’m here if you need assistance.
      Thanks, but you’ll have the baby?
      That’s fine, can Ren watch him or maybe Brina?
      I can ask, it’s getting late and I have to get up early, I’m glad we went out Mark I had a great time.
      I did too Ang,
      We left the restaurant and drove to our hotel
      While we were driving my favorite song came on
      “My Sacrifice” by Creed
      We’ve seen our share of ups and downs
      Oh how quickly life can turn around
      In an instant
      What’s in yourself and within your mind?
      Let’s find peace there
      When you are with me I’m free
      I’m careless, I believe
      Above all the others we’ll fly
      This brings tears to my eyes
      My Sacrifice, My Sacrifice”

      I really think this is going to be Creed’s biggest hits this year I said
      I have to agree it kinda sounds like us, Ang you make me feel great when I’m with you. Your eyes, your smile and your craziness just appealed to me from the get-go. I’m afraid to ask you this but would you ever consider dating me?
      Mark, are you blind? HELLO! I’ve dreamed of being with you for 3 years, and you were spoken for so I had to be just your friend. I’d be your one and only as long as you just be truly honest to me about anything. Just don’t lie to me that’s all I ask.
      Ang, I won’t hurt you I know what you went through before we met Steve, and Pete. I seen what they done to you and I’d rather die than hurt you.
      I instantly grabbed him and kissed him passionately.
      Whoa! What was that? Asked Mark
      Did I do something wrong?
      No, I’ve been wanting that forever I was just too afraid
      There’s no need to be afraid now I’m yours.
      We kissed again and I was on my way upstairs.
      So I’ll see you tomorrow?
      Mark you will see me anytime you want.
      Ang, your awesome sweet dreams
      I went to my hotel and Ren was sleeping so I just fell asleep and dreamt about my new man. Mark Jindrak

      Chapter 14
      Today, we have to drive to Knoxville, TN for the Smackdown taping, Mark is fighting in a Dark match against Randy Orton. This is a tough one for me I worked with both and completely adore them! So I’ll stay neutral. Mark came walking over to me right before his match
      “Do I get a good luck kiss?”
      “You bet your sweet ass you do”
      I laid one on him and gave him a hug
      “Good luck babe”
      “Thanks, see you after the match?”
      I watched the match in my locker room on the monitor. I gasped, yelled, and cursed but when he hit Randy with the MJ Delight I jumped up screamed and spilled a whole entire bottle of water all over me and of course my with my luck my shirt had to be white. I waited for Mark then about a half-hour later he came in.
      I ran over and jumped on him and hugged him so hard. Just feeling his incredible body next to mine makes me wanna just take him home…forever.
      “So babydoll, are you flying out of here tonight?
      “No, I’m just gonna chill in the hotel tonight, what about you?”
      “I’m doing the exact same thing”
      “I’d say you can come over to my room if you don’t mind hanging with Ren and Brina.”
      “I have a suggestion. How does this sound we go get take out, go to my room and rent a movie?”
      “Yes, I’ll go. I’m going to drive to the hotel with Ren so I can get my pajamas, and don’t laugh about my PJ’s either or I’ll kick your ass!”
      “I wouldn’t laugh at you wait till you see what I wear when I’m chilling out.”
      “Hopefully nothing oh shit I said that one out loud! I could choke myself”
      “Honey that’s ok be honest. Ya know, you just might get what you wished for”
      “If I do your gonna be mine…all mine”
      “Oh really? What makes you think that?”
      “Baby, believe me I will make you scream my name for months”
      “Wanna bet on it?”
      “What do you wanna bet Mark?”
      “I bet you can’t make me scream”
      “We’ll see about that I’ll be by your room in a half hour, will you be ready by then?”
      “Yeah baby I will”

      Chapter 15
      I went to my hotel and there was a package on my bed, it was lingerie from Mark. Should I sleep with him now?
      “Renee! I screamed”
      “Look what Mark sent me!”
      “Isn’t it nice I helped him pick it out”
      “Ren, I can’t sleep with him yet I’m going over there with my Tanktop and Pajama bottoms, my slippers and my hair in a ponytail.”
      “Suit yourself, just hope he’s not naked”
      “I know then I’d have to sleep with him”
      “Good luck girl, don’t do anything I wouldn’t do, or anything I would”
      “Bye see you in the am.”
      I knocked on Mark’s door and he answered wearing a wifebeater and plaid Pajama pants. Now I feel decent not coming over in skimpy lingerie.
      “So what’s on Pay-Per-View?”
      “There’s The Wedding Planner, Joe Dirt or Memento?” Mark said
      “How about Joe Dirt, I could use a good laugh” I said
      “Joe Dirt it is, by the way I got Kentucky Fried Chicken for us, double cole slaw for you”
      “Mark, the one thing I totally love about you is your memory, memory of me”
      “I remember only the important things”
      Then he kissed me. We lied there for hours watching movies and just talking about our futures alone and together.
      “Ang, I want to bring MJ to Boston this week would you feel alright with that?”
      “Mark, that is not a problem, I have my 2 cousins who are 14 & 10 plus Brina and Ren, we won’t have any problem finding a babysitter.”
      “You can show me around Beantown and I’ll bring some old friends along”
      “I’ll show you more than Beantown”
      “Goodnight, babydoll”
      “Goodnight, baby”
      We both fell asleep; I awoke earlier than Mark had so I lied there for 2 hours staring at him. I can’t believe I’m with him, is he really mine?

      Chapter 16
      I arrived in Boston early Thursday morning. I got to my house and there was a message from Mark
      “Hi Ang, it’s me Mark I’ll be driving down to Boston at probably noon-time so I can pick up Jazz, Shannon & Shane at the airport and Steve will be driving with Lisa from Manchester. Whenever you get this call me on my cell phone, see you later babe.
      I called Mark
      “Hey sweetie what’s up?
      “Not much packing a few bags for the weekend”
      “I’m so happy your bringing everyone with you this is so cool and besides my little cousins love Shannon Moore I can’t wait to see him I miss him so much.”
      “Well he can’t wait either and Jazz is so excited to meet you”
      “She is? Damn she’s incredible I’m gonna get so much work done, but I have to clean the house and get the guest rooms ready, Thank God I bought a 3 family just for reasons like this.”
      “Well I’ll see you in a few hours”
      “Ok baby I’ll see you then”
      I called Mom & the girls and told them what I was up to today and I cleaned the house.
      I had a few hours so I threw on Linkin Park and went upstairs to clean. I loved having company.
      Mom came over with Katie & Shanna I cooked them lunch and we chilled out. The doorbell rang at about 11 and it was Steve & Victoria. I introduced them to my family and showed them to their room. We got to show my mother and the girls some old tapes of us. We sat there laughing hysterically.
      “Ang, remember the time you fell completely out of your top while doing a moonsault?”
      “Vic, why’d you have to remind me of that? That was all Steve’s fault”
      “My fault? You asked me to teach you so I did”
      “I’m just glad that tape wa night long but he looked as if he was having a great time so I didn’t want to bother him with my questions about our relationship. So I just let it be and decided to have a good time.
      It was close to closing time and I didn’t want to be bothered by the last slow song of the night so I went and got the car, since I didn’t have that much to drink I decided to drive home.
      “Why did you leave before the last song?” Mark asked
      “I don’t know I just felt like leaving” I replied
      “That isn’t like you, you always dance the last dance” Mark said
      “I guess not tonight” I said
      Shane, Shannon, Brina, Ren and Mark got into the car and I drove off
      “I just want to thank you guys for an incredible night, Ren thanks for being my bodyshot partner” Shane said
      “You’re welcome Shane, anytime” Ren replied
      “Shane, Shannon you guys rule! I haven’t had this much fun in ages” Mark said
      “What are friends for” Shane replied
      “Ang, why are you so quiet?” Brina asked
      “I’m just thinking, I have a lot of things on my mind” I said
      “We are all friends here, you can talk to us” Shannon said
      “I don’t want to get into this now, it’s not the time nor place” I said
      I turned the radio up and kept driving.
      When we pulled up to my house Mark waited until everyone had gone into the house and waited for me.
      “So what did I do now?” Mark asked
      “Mark, for your entire stay here you’ve been moody and it just seems as if your either bored with me or just not interested, I need to know what you are thinking” I said
      “I have tons on my mind, I know I haven’t been myself lately but if you just give me a little time to think I’ll be just fine” Mark said
      “Mark, it all started when you came here this weekend I need to know if things are going downhill that’s all” I said
      “I don’t know what to tell you, I feel for you and I want to be with you but-it’s her” Mark said
      “Remember the only thing I asked for from the get-go…honesty that’s all I asked for when I asked you the other day about her you should’ve just told me” I said
      “I know I’m sorry, I wish I could just erase her out of my past but I can’t she’s in my life forever and we have to raise a son together if you can’t deal with me having her in my life then I don’t know what to tell you” Mark said
      “Mark, just let me know ahead of time if you are serious about me I’m not gonna be able to do this anymore first Pete and now you! Everyone I’ve ever loved has screwed me over I need to know how you feel” I said
      “I want to be with you just be patient with me that’s all” Mark said
      “I just hope and pray that you don’t fuck me over…I’m sick of being toyed with” I said
      “I promise you one thing, I’ll be completely honest with you from now on,” Mark said
      “Please don’t fall back on your word,” I said
      “I promise I won’t”
      Mark and I went into the house and fell asleep.
      The following morning I decided to sleep late, but first I made sure my cousins were all right with MJ. I snuck into the room and Katie was awake.
      “Come in the kitchen, I don’t want Shanna & MJ waking up, how was your night?” I asked
      “It was so good, MJ really likes Shanna” Katie said
      Brina & Ren come walking into the kitchen
      “Please tell me you at least made coffee,” Brina asked
      “I hope she did my head is killing me” Ren said
      “I did make coffee I’m gonna cook in a few minutes, I’m going to take it easy today” I said
      “You aren’t training today? Ren asked
      “No I’ll wait until tomorrow to get back in the ring” I said
      “Cool, can we go shopping today?” Ren asked
      “Sure we’ll go when you two get over your hangover” I said
      Mark came downstairs looking like a truck ran him over
      “Good morning, how is everyone feeling today?” Mark asked
      Ren looked up and rolled her eyes, Brina also did the same
      “I guess you both feel like I do” Mark said
      “Mark, the girls are going shopping today if you want I can take the baby and you can stay here” I said
      “We’ll see how I feel, I would like to just stay in and watch football in peace” Mark replied
      “I’m gonna get in the shower when Jazz & Victoria get up will you let them know that we are going to the mall” I said
      “I sure will” Brina replied
      As I was walking up the stairs I met Shane on the way up
      “Good morning Shane” I said
      “Good morning, do you feel better?” Shane asked
      “I’m ok I just feel as if I’m gonna get screwed over again…I guess I’m scared” I said
      “I wouldn’t worry if I were you, you are a great girl and you know it” Shane said
      “Thanks Shane you are truly a sweetheart too bad were such good friends or I’d snag you in a heartbeat” I said
      I hugged Shane and made my way to the bathroom.
      We had such a nice day just the girls shopping and when I got home there was a little surprise waiting for us.
      “Ang, get over here” Victoria said
      “What’s wrong?” I asked
      “There’s a letter here” Ren said
      “From who?” I asked
      “It’s from the guys, it reads “Go upstairs and get all dolled up, we have cooked dinner and we are out in the backyard waiting for you signed the boyz”
      We ran upstairs, changed and went out back.
      “I wonder who actually cooked” I asked
      “I have no clue let’s just eat” Ren replied
      “We have to wait for the guys to come out” Brina said
      “Hello, where are you guys I’m hungry” Ren screamed out
      Mark came out of the back entrance with a platter and kissed me on the cheek
      “Thanks Mark, this is so cool who cooked?” I asked
      “Everyone helped out, thank god your cousin was here to help us” Mark answered
      “Can we eat now?” Ren asked
      “Sure go ahead” Mark replied
      Then Mark’s cellphone rang and he walked away. Then he came back with a very disturbed look on his face.
      “I have to go, she wants me to bring the baby home tonight” Mark said
      “Well if you have to go I’ll help you pack your things” I said
      Mark & I went inside and I helped gather his things
      “I’m sorry about all of this, I usually bring him home on Saturday’s but she’s in a mood” Mark said
      “That’s fine you have to do what you have to do” I replied
      “I also haven’t been completely honest with you, you see I’m not exactly divorced yet we have been separated I know I should’ve told you earlier but I didn’t think that-“
      “You didn’t think what that you were gonna get back with her?” I asked
      “I thought we were completely over but I guess I was wrong, I just want the best for my son and a broken family isn’t what he needs” Mark said
      “I can’t believe this is happening again! When you decide what you want come and talk to me until then go fuck yourself” I said and stormed off
      I watched him leave and I just started crying
      Why me! Why is it overtime I fall for someone I get shit on. I went out back and told them I was going for a ride.
      “I’ll be back later, I’m gonna go for a ride” I said
      “Where are you going it’s 10 o’clock?” Ren asked
      “Just for a ride, and yes I just got dumped again” I said
      “What do you mean? Don’t even tell me Mark dumped you” Shane asked
      “Yes Shane…again I got dumped it’s twice in a month, I’ll see you guys later” I said
      I went to the kitchen, grabbed a bottle of rum and drove off. I kept visualizing myself with Mark and how happy I was and how happy I should be…everything looked…Blurry..
      “Blurry” by Puddle of Mudd”

      “Everything’s so blurry
      and everyone’s so fake
      and everybody’s empty
      and everything is so messed up
      pre-occupied without you
      I cannot live at all
      My whole world surrounds you
      I stumble then I crawl

      You could be my someone
      You could be my scene
      You know that I’ll protect you
      From all of the obscene
      I wonder what your doing
      Imagine where you are
      There’s oceans between us
      But that’s not very far”

      Can you take it all away
      Can you take it all away
      Well ya shoved it in my face
      This pain you gave to me
      Can you take it all away
      Can you take it all away
      Well ya shoved it in my face
      When I got home Ren was the only one awake thank God I needed someone
      “Are you alright?” Ren asked
      “Ren, I can’t believe I was dumped again this shit is getting very tiring I can’t do this much longer I’m just gonna turn celibate.
      “I won’t let you do that! Is he gonna get back with her?” Ren asked
      “Well if he dumped me and then told me that he wasn’t divorced and that he wants the best for the baby…stay together for the kids I wish they told my parents that when I was growing up” I said
      Ren got up and hugged me I then broke down in tears, Brina just happened to walk down while I was hysterical
      “Why is she crying” Brina asked
      “Mark is a complete dickhead that’s why” Ren said
      “Don’t even tell me-“ Brina said
      “Yes, I have been dumped again” I said
      “I told you that you should’ve hooked up with Jeff” Brina said
      “What do you mean Jeff?” I asked
      “It’s too late now, you already hooked him up with Trish, and besides you were too hung up on Pete at the time” Brina said
      “I don’t even care anymore I have a big match tomorrow I’m going to bed” I said
      “Goodnight” Brina & Ren said
      I put my head down on my pillow and the song continuously ran through my head
      “Everyone is changing
      there’s no one left that’s real
      to make up your own ending
      and let me know just how you feel
      cause I am lost without you
      I cannot live at all
      My whole world surrounds you
      I stumble then I crawl”
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