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Lewis Mills b. abt. 1797/8

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  • April Mills
    Dear Mills List of Westfield, New Jersey: It seems as though I have a missing branch of the Mills family of Westfield, Union Co., New Jersey. Who are the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 5, 2001
      Dear Mills List of Westfield, New Jersey:

      It seems as though I have a missing branch of the Mills family of Westfield,
      Union Co., New Jersey. Who are the parents of my Lewis D. Mills?

      Lewis D. (or T.) Mills was born abt 1797/8 in New Jersey according to his
      age listed on the 1860 census. His occupation is listed as a boot and shoe

      Lewis married Emaline Hamilton August 6, 1843 in the Westfield Presbyterian
      Church. Emaline was born abt. 1818 in New Jersey

      They had the following children (althought this may not be a complete

      1. George Mills b. abt. 1843 NJ
      2. David A. Mills b. abt. 1845 NJ
      3. Caleb H. Mills b. abt. 1847 NJ
      4. John Benjamin Mills b. Jan 5, 1850 in Westfield, New Jersey
      5. Anna M. Mills b. abt. 1859

      These names and dates come from the 1860 census of Westfield Twp, Union Co,
      New Jersey.

      In the 1870 census...

      George has married Sabrina UNKNOWN b. abt. 1848 in Connecticut. They have a
      son Henry Mills. George is listed as a carpenter.

      David Mills has married Elizabeth UNKNOWN b. abt 1847 in New Jersey. They
      have a daughter Lottie Mills born about 1869. David is also listed as a
      carpenter. David, Elizabeth, and Lottie are all buried in Evergreen
      Cemetery in Westfield.

      Caleb H. Mills has married Delia UNKNOWN b. abt. 1852 in New York. Caleb
      again is listed as a carpenter.

      John Benjamin Mills has married Annie Bloor Smith b. 2-21-1861 in Chester,
      England. They had at least two sons, Clarence Benjamin Mills and Harold K
      Mills. John B. Mills was a carpenter also by trade.

      Clarence Benjamin Mills grew up in Plainfield, where his father and mother
      had moved shortly after getting married. He married there and raised his
      family there. Then his son Clarence Benjamin Mills Jr. would do the same.

      My husband's line then continues on from Clarence Jr. to David Mills and
      then to my husband. Their family knows little of their Mills connections,
      although they were living in Plainfield and East Orange until the mid

      I have the death record of John Benjamin Mills and it lists him as dying of
      "malnutrition due to manic depressive disorder" in the State Hospital in
      Trenton. I have been told that his memory was written off and the children
      were told to focus only on thier mother's heritage. Therefore, lille, no
      nothing, was known of John B. Mills until I received his death certificate
      in the mail last week.

      I truly hope we can make a connection so that I can reunite my husband's
      family with their Mills heritage. At the start of World War II Clarence
      Benjamin Mills Jr. was the only Mills man of John B. Mills' line. The navy
      sent him in on the first wave of D-Day. He survived that day and went on to
      have 3 sons. Those three sons now have a total of 9 sons. There are many
      Mills' who need to recapture their history. Thanks in advance for all of
      your help.

      April Mills
      Middleton, Wisconsin

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