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Chat from Audrey--MILLS-ROLL-FRAZEE connections

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  • Audrey Shields Hancock
    As you will note, our list has changed names from ONElist to Egroups, but ONElist will also work. From RootsWeb WorldConnect it appears we have another
    Message 1 of 1 , May 19, 2000
      As you will note, our list has changed names from ONElist to Egroups, but ONElist will also work.
      From RootsWeb WorldConnect it appears we have another MILLS-ROLL
      inter-relationship, if this data is correct, and some appears to agree with my research.
      As we know, Elizabeth "Betsey" ROLL married Jacob ROLL, s/o Abraham ROLL &
      Mary BROOKS.  She died and was buried at the Scotch Plains Baptist Church
      Cemetery in Scotch Plains, NJ.  Her gravestone can be seen in the ROLL
      FAMILY MEMORIAL GALLERY. Betsey was the dau/o William MILLS & Amy ???.
      According to the information on the WorldConnect site, George FRAZEE (s/o George FRAZEE & Hannah MILLS) m Joanna ROLL, dau/o James ROLL.  Hannah (MILLS) FRAZEE was dau/o William MILLS & Amy ???, thus sister of Elizabeth "Betsey" (MILLS) ROLL.  From ROLL information then, Joanna ROLL would be dau/o James ROLL & Joanna EARL & gdau/o Isaac ROLL & Sarah CAULDWELL.
      I have written to Kathleen, and she informs me that her husband's step-father is descended from George and Hannah (MILLS) Frazee.  Audrey
      RootsWeb's WorldConnect Project
      LarkinDodgeRoberts descendents,ancestors ,cousins
      4765 total entries, last updated Fri Apr 7 06:49:23 2000
      Kathleen M. Dodge <kathandneal@...>
      ID: I1708
      Name: Joanna Roll
      Sex: F
      Father: James Roll
      Marriage: George Frazee b: 3 Sep 1792
      If you are interested in viewing the gravestone of Elizabeth "Betsey" (MILLS) ROLL, please go to the ROLL FAMILY GALLERIES HOMEPAGE:
      This a L...O...N...G  URL, so please make sure you get the entire
      URL thru the .html   Sometimes e-mail cuts off part of the hyperlink and
      thus you will need to cut and paste all the way including the .html  to your
      browser window rather than clicking on what appears to be the hyperlink.
      The WorldConnect listing by Kathleen appears to be correct as we know that Hannah (MILLS) FRAZEE & her eldest son, Samuel FRAZEE, were named in the will of Amy (???) MILLS, widow of William #1 MILLS.
      There is another listing on WorldConnect for George FRAZEE and Hannah MILLS which I am not in agreement with, as the birthdates of Hannah and the naming of a child born in 1757 are not in agreement.  However, I am interested in one aspect of this GEDCOM as they name Amy as Amy ELMER.  This is something I have have suspected myself for a long time, but have been unable to prove her surname...and still can't.  But...we know that a grandson and various generations of great-grandsons carry the name of Philemon Elmer MILLS, and as naming traditions of the time were to name children for grandparents & related family members, it is possible that this assumption could be true...but need evidence.  We know that a Dr. Philemon ELMER was a contemporary and lived in Westfield, NJ also.  Could he have been a brother or other related family member? 
      Been busy working with my ROLL and GEESEMAN/GIESEMAN family homepages and hopefully soon I will get one set up for our MILLS family.  Need to go at this slowly, but that is my goal.  Of course, summer is a busy time of year.  Lots to do...at any rate, if you have any information concerning this family, please share with all.  We need to zero in on our lost connections.
      Hope everyone has a great summer.  If you are a ROLL descendant, you may wish to join the ROLL Discussion List moderated by cousin Nancy, also a MILLS descendant.  Send e-mail to join:  ROLL-L-request@...  and in body of message write only the word.....subscribe  .
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