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Gubernatiorial Candidate Backs National FairTax

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    This recent press release by a candidate for Governor of Georgia is notable regarding the manner in which FairTax advocates are increasing the visibility of
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      This recent press release by a candidate for Governor of Georgia is notable regarding the manner in which FairTax advocates are increasing the visibility of H.R. 25 (the national FairTax bill) that will end the income tax, theIRS, and an inscrutable tax code - Title 26 of the United States Code and accompanying Code of Federal Regulations - which seems designed more for the benefit of political deal-making through its confusing and abstruse language.
      Here in Michigan, we're asked Gov. Granholm to support the Michigan FairTax  - that is designed to do EXACTLY what H.R. 25 would do, nationally - eliminate the Michigan income tax, eliminate business and payroll taxes (and a few other taxes) in order to make the ACTUAL costs that consumers pay (in higher prices) VISIBLE.
      But to end the tax on business (a tax to you and me in higher prices), she'd lose the ability to "central plan the Michigan economy for the 21st century."  Gov. Granholm apparently has NO confidence in a vibrant market economy's ability to adjust to changing realities.
      It is YOU and ME who are paying the price.  And that price is INCREASING DAILY as businesses and population LEAVE the state - sick and tired of politicians in Lansing who put THEIR OWN comfort and benefits FIRST.
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      August 18, 2008                                                           Kathryn Ballou, (404) 558-4905




      Atlanta, GA - "I want to stand with Congressman John Linder and Neal Boortz and lend my name and leadership to supporting the fair tax.  I am very disappointed that the US Congress has not followed the outstanding leadership of Congressman Linder.


      Therefore, pursuant of Article V of the U.S. Constitution, I call upon the states to join together in a constitutional convention to adopt the Fair Tax.  If you honor me in 2010 by allowing me to serve as Governor of Georgia, I will invite the nation's Governors to meet and draft a plan to implement legislation in every state to adopt the Fair Tax by Constitutional Amendment." – May 17, 2008 Georgia GOP Convention, Columbus, GA.


      The only way, other than Congress, to bring reality and the Fair Tax together is for the people – the states – to take charge in the form of a Constitutional Convention.  Yes, I hope to become the next Governor of Georgia, but I am committed to the cause of the Fair Tax because it is right for America and will help my children by once again making America the greatest manufacturing and economic capitol of the world.  Win or lose, I will promote the Fair Tax across Georgia and across America – we will never allow the professional politicians to ignore the American people on this issue.


      I understand how difficult the struggle has been to make the Fair Tax a reality.  We have both Republicans and Democrats sitting on the fence waiting for someone else to make the first move.


      I am honored that our Fair Tax leader in Georgia and DC, Congressman John Linder, the author of the Fair Tax, is supporting this effort.  We are going to bring the voices of all Fair Tax supporters to bear on our state legislatures and ask for only one thing: to call a Constitutional Convention to repeal the 16th amendment and pass a Fair Tax amendment!


      I give my solemn pledge to all Fair Tax supporters across America and my home state of Georgia; I will endeavor to ensure that we the people take back our country and reclaim our freedoms from an intrusive and corrupted tax code that has been manipulating our behavior since most of us have been born. We will, additionally, reclaim jobs that have moved off shore due to invasive taxes under our current system.


      Never again are we going to hear the phrase "Congress will never pass the Fair Tax" because we the people are going to do it!


      We need to begin talking with our neighbors, our friends, family, co-workers, our faith leaders and anyone else you can bend an ear to tell them that the power of putting the IRS out of business, once and for all, is in our hands and our voices.  We need to use our voices to get our local government officials to pledge their support for this action, and then remind them – we vote.

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