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FairTax Letter Writing - Feb 1

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  • Larry Whittington
    FairTax Letter Writing There are many articles about tax reform in the local media that never show up on the national letter-writing radar. These articles
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2006
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      FairTax Letter Writing
      There are many articles about tax reform in the local media that never show up on the national letter-writing radar.  These articles need response.
      The best way to share the articles is to join your state FairTax yahoo group.  If you aren't already a member,  join your state group by clicking on http://groups.yahoo.com/group/XXfairtax/ .  Replace the XX with your state abbreviation and click again. 
      After you join up, you will be able to share the articles with other FairTaxers in your area.  Share them.  Send out a link if there is one.  Otherwise, just send out a note about what you read and where.
      Too, please send a note to me and media@... if you find any articles that make any unkind remarks about FairTax.  There are thousands of FairTax writers across the country ready to help.  They won't let any challenge to FairTax go unanswered.
      Letter Writing Opportunities
      The site invites citizens to send their thoughts about the "State of the Union Speech" to the President and members of Congress.  The President's lack of any mention of tax reform provides FairTaxers a big reason to respond.
      Seems that the President and the Republican Party feel safe in not rocking the boat.  They must feel secure enough in the mid-term elections not to tackle any serious change in status quo.  The President completely ignored the issue of tax reform and FairTax.  He apparently doesn't understand that FairTaxers will support a candidate from ANY party that supports FairTax.  The President left the door wide open for others to claim the tax reform intitiative and possibly claim the congressional majority along the way. 
      Seems very unwise on his part.  Seems like a big opportunity for others.
      Respond (in additon) to:
      comments@...    phone  202-456-1111fax 202-456-2461
      letters@...        The Hill
      letters@...   Washington Post
      wsj.ltrs@...           Wall Street Journal
      letters@...     New York Times
      " Am I not destroying my enemies when I make friends of them? " -  Abraham Lincoln

      Larry Whittington
      FairTax Volunteer
      Director, National Letter Writing Campaign
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