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Christ and the Church Wedding

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    Christ and the Church Wedding The Bridegroom Studying the Jewish wedding we will learn it is a shadow of Christ and the Church wedding. Many things Christ did
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      Christ and the Church Wedding

      The Bridegroom

      Studying the Jewish wedding we will learn it is a shadow of Christ and the Church wedding. Many things Christ did related to him as a Bridegroom and the Church as his bride. In this lesson we will look at the Jewish wedding and compare it to what Christ did while he was on earth.


      When the Bridegroom decide to propose to a woman, he first wash himself which symbolize he is no longer available for other women. When Christ was baptized he told John to baptize him so all righteousness will be fulfill. From my understanding this referred to their culture and custom at the time. There are three reasons Jesus was baptize. First off, he was our high priest and before a high priest can offer the sacrifice to God they have to wash themselves. Secondly he was a Jew and John was the prophet of the hour. As a Jew he had to set the example. Thirdly, he was a Bridegroom going to look for his Bride.


      The Bridegroom goes the Bride's dwelling place, or home. Christ came to Earth which is the Bride's dwelling place. Earth is where the Bride of Christ is living.


      He gets with the Bride and gives her the wedding contract. She reads it. The wedding contract tells the Bride what he will do for her and what he expects from her. If she rejects the wedding contract, it stops there. The New Testament is the Church's wedding contract. It has Christ's promises to us and it let us know what Christ expects from us. If we reject the New Testament, we will not become Christ's Bride.


      If she accepts the contract, the Bridegroom breaks bread and give the Bride a piece to eat. If she accepts it and eat, than he takes wine and sip from it and give it to the Bride to sip as well. She can still change her mind during these two proceedings, but if she accepts the bread and the wine, she now is pledge to the Bridegroom.

      (1 Corinthians 11:25; Matthew 26:26-29; John 12:21-30) Notice in Matthew and John it is the last supper.


      He than tells the Bride he will go and prepare the Bridal chamber and will return for her. (John 14:2-3). He does not know when he will return because it is up to his Father when he goes for the Bride. The Father has to inspect the preparations and if he approves than he tells the son to go and get his bride.


      He pays the price for his bride. The price he paid for the church was his life. When the Bridegroom pays the price for the bride you can say she is brought and paid for. (1 Corinthians 6:20)


      He gives the Bride a family emblem. It will be something she will wear around her forehead or a ring she wears on her finger. This emblem shows she is spoken for and to whom she belongs to. This signify she is no longer available and it is her seal and promise the Bridegroom will return and redeem her. The seal of God is our emblem. (Ephesians 4:30)


      He gives gifts to the bride. The gifts of the Spirit is our gifts from the Bridegroom. (Ephesians 4:9)


      He leaves with his friends to prepare the bridal chamber. They will help him to prepare the bridal chamber. They are called the friends of the Bridegroom. (John 3:39) The saints that was resurrected right after Christ resurrection is the friends of the Bridegroom. (Matthew 27:52-53)


      When the Bridegroom returns for the Bride, The friends of the bridegroom goes in front of him blowing trumpets and announcing behold the Bridegroom comes. He does not come to her dwelling place to get her. Instead she goes out to meet him with her bridesmaids. (Matthew 25:1-13; 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18; Revelation 4:1)


      He takes her and her bridesmaids back to his father's house for the ceremony and the wedding supper which lasts for 7 days (7 years). (Genesis 29:26-27; Revelation 19;7-9)


      He will than return with his bride and her handmaidens to his place of residence. If he has his own kingdom he returns there and rule as king with his bride at his side. (Luke 12:36: Revelation 19:14)

      The Bride

      Above we talked about the Bridegroom. Now we will look at the bride's responsibility.


      After the bridegroom leaves the Bride goes wash herself which is a purification process. This is an outward sign she is pure and holy for her Bridegroom. The Bride of Christ is baptize in water, which is an outward sign of our holiness unto Christ. (Acts 2:38)

      She adorns herself with the signet her Bridegroom gave her showing to the public she is now a woman promise to a man. She can not date any other man and if she does the Bridegroom has the right to put her way. The church cannot play around with the world because if we do Christ can reject us.

      When the Bridegroom leaves the bride and her handmaidens prepare themselves for the wedding. They have to be ready at all hours of the night and day to go to the wedding when the Bridegroom returns. The Bride do not know when the bridegroom will return because that is in the Bridegroom's Father's hand. He must approve all preparations.


      When the Bride hears the announcement the Bridegroom is coming, she and her Bridesmaids goes out to meet him. If any Bridesmaids is not ready they will not get into the wedding. (Matthew 25:1-13; 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18; Revelation 4:1).


      After she meets him they return to his Father's house for the wedding. This lasts seven days. Our wedding feast last seven years which is a day for a year. (Genesis 29:26-27; Revelation 19;7-9)


      After the wedding she returns with him to his place of residence and dwells with him forever. If he is a king over a kingdom than she will rule with him as his Wife and Queen. Her handmaidens will be with her and the best of friends to the Bridegroom will be with him, when he returns to the place of his residence.

      One thing I did not bring out. All wedding guest has their wedding clothes provided by the Bridegroom. The parable of one man not having the wedding garments is referring to this custom. (Matthew 22:11-12)

      One main thing to point out. The Bride goes out to meet him and they both return to the Bridegroom's Fathers house when he has prepare a bridal chamber for her. She does not go out and meet him and than immediately return to his place of residence. It would be a waste of time to prepare a bridal chamber and not take the Bride back there. Logic says this.

      Pray this has been informative and may God bless those that read this lesson.

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