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Article: Marriages between African and Native Americans produced many children

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    [Lousiana Weekly] Marriages between African and Native Americans produced many children 3rd January 2012 · (Healthy Living News) — Native Americans with
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      Lousiana Weekly 

      Marriages between African and Native 
      Americans produced many children

      3rd January 2012   ·   

      (Healthy Living News)

       Native Americans with African ancestry produced more children than `full bloods' 
      in the early 1900s, despite the odds being against them, a new study demonstrates. 

      Research by Michael Logan, Ph.D., of the University of Tennessee shows that increased 
      fertility occurred at a time when things were not going particularly well for both 
      African and Native Americans either — in social, economic and health terms. 

      The work is published in Human Ecology.

      One characteristic of the demographic history of African-Americans 
      and Native Americans ("American Indians") is Inter-Racial Marriage

      While most of these Native American unions involved Caucasian 
      men, many occurred between African and Native Americans. 

      The children of these bi-cultural marriages were "mixed bloods" 
      who in turn typically married non-Indians or other mixed bloods....

      Dr. Logan examined the reproductive histories of 295 women 
      of mixed Indian-Black and Indian-Black-white heritage. 
      He found that Indian-Black marriages proved to be 
      advantageous in terms of ... offspring survival.

      The lower infant-childhood death rates recorded for mixed couples, 
      together with variations in sterility and the number of children 
      by these mixed parents shows why, they as a population grew.

      Dr. Logan's study concluded that because mixed-blood Indians 
      with African ancestry did so well reproductively speaks to their 
      ability to make the best lives for themselves and their children. 

      Especially in a highly racist society. 

      Those who faced so many challenges fared well 
      reproductively despite the hurdles they encountered.

      This article was originally published in the January 
      2, 2012 edition of The Louisiana Weekly newspaper.

      SOURCE: http://www.louisianaweekly.com/marriages-between-african-and-native-americans-produced-many-children/

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