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Spotlight on: 'Jayne (Kennedy) Overton'

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    Jayne (Kennedy) Overton: Actress, Talk Show Hostess, Model and one of the very first women Sports Broadcasters While yet still in high school, Jayne (Harrison)
    Message 1 of 2 , May 31, 2009

      Jayne (Kennedy) Overton:
      Actress, Talk Show Hostess, Model and one
      of the very first women Sports Broadcasters

      While yet still in high school, Jayne (Harrison) was the
      very first person of the
      African-American Ethnic grouping to
      win the Miss Ohio crown in the Miss USA / Universe Pageant. 

      As one of the first female sports broadcasters,
      she destroyed the myth that women couldn't
      make it in the world of sports broadcasting,
      blasting the doors wide open for
      women in sports beyond competition.

      Rhonda Windham, former General Manager of the Los
      Angeles Sparks, credits Jayne for her success and says,
      "The WNBA owes a debt of gratitude to Jayne Kennedy. 

      She is also the only female to ever work ringside as a
      TV color commentator for men's professional boxing
      through her work with Muhammad Ali Professional Sports.

      But breaking ground is nothing new for Jayne.

      There seemed to always be a hurdle on the track as she raced
      through a career that brought her acclaim as an actress,
      broadcaster, TV personality, producer, exercise guru,
      talk show host, model, singer, dancer, infomercial host,
      lecturer, product spokeswoman, and now author of her
      soon to be released autobiography, 'Plain -Jayne'.

      Jayne's honors and awards are numerous:
      an EMMY Award for her 1981 Rose Parade coverage,
      an EMMY nomination for her Speak Up America show
      NAACP IMAGE Award, a CEBA Award for her work in the
      television commercial industry, a NAACP THEATRE Award
      for "Best Producer" for her
      staged musical production of
      'The Journey of the African American', chronicling 400
      years of
      African-American history in song and dance, and
      a Black Achievers Award as an African-American role model. 

      Jayne was also recently named an Honorary Board Member of the
      Didi Hirsh Foundation's 'Erasing-The-Stigma Awards' and the A.C.E.
      Ambassador (Arts, Culture & Entertainment) for the City of Los
      Angeles' Cultural Affairs Department where she is working to bridge
      the gap between the entertainment industry and the LA community.

      She has become a founding board member
      of the WonderVision Foundation.

      Created by Stevie Wonder; its goal is to
      systematically eradicate blindness worldwide
      through preventative, assistive, and therapeutic means.

      Despite the achievements of her career, Jayne says her most
      fulfilling role is that of "Mom" (to daughters Cheyenne (24),
      Savannah (20), Kopper (17), and Zaire (11), and "Wife" (to her
      actor/producer/author/entrepreneur husband, Bill Overton.)

      Both Bill and Jayne are totally committed to raising "good, smart kids."

      In fact, because she promised herself years ago that she
      would be there for her kids, Jayne had spent the last 10
      years at home being a full time wife and mom; without
      a doubt, she says, the hardest work she's ever done!

      It is because of her genuine commitment to a better
      world for all our kids, Jayne worked 17 years for
      'The Children's Miracle Network' where she helped
      to raise over a billion and a half dollars for 165
      children's hospitals throughout the United States.

      Now that baby Zaire is a baby no more, Jayne is
      ready to return to the professional fast track.

      She is staging her comeback through the development
      of a one-hour prime time TV drama, a half-hour
      animated children's TV series, writing a collection
      of children's books, starring in her first dramatic
      on-stage appearance in an award winning play, 
      assisting her husband in marketing his book &
      exhibit collection of 19th Century prints entitled
      'The Media: Shaping The Image Of A People',
      serving as Creative Consultant for 'Backstreet
      Art Galleries', producing an annual
      Faire for the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School
      District and sits on the board of their 'African-American 
      Parent Student Staff Support Group' and the 'SMMUSD
      Site Governance' committee, as well as bringing city
      youth on retreat through the non-profit Visionary Farm.

      Jayne Harrison (Kennedy) Overton:

      (a.k.a.: "Jayne Kennedy" and
      maiden name: `Jayne Harrison')




      Tri-racial (Black-White-Amerindian)


      Date of birth: November 27, 1951
      Husband:William Overton (actor, Married 1985-current)
      Children: 3 daughters- Savannah, Kopper, Zaire
      Jayne is now a Believer of the Christian faith

      Career Hightlights:

      The first female NFL sportscaster for NBC Network (USA)
      Contestant in the Miss USA pagent: Miss Ohio 1970
      Co-host the tv show 'Speak Up America'



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