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Re: E-Harmony Against Interracial Relationships

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  • Rosanna
    In regards to what you said about the best places to meet someone, I agree that church, schools, clubs, and even work (sometimes) are good places. And studies
    Message 1 of 5 , Feb 21, 2008
      In regards to what you said about the best places to
      meet someone, I agree that church, schools, clubs,
      and even work (sometimes) are good places.

      And studies are now coming out showing that these internet
      relationships aren't all that they're cracked up to be.
      People should definitely be careful, but if they are
      going to use a dating site, they should do a bit of
      research and try to make an informed decision as to
      whether that particular site would suit their needs.

      From what I understand, E-Harmony focuses on matching
      people of the same racial/ethnic background.
      So if somebody is interested in dating people of
      other backgrounds, or if somebody is from a mixed
      background, E-Harmony might not be for them.
      I would certainly avoid that site if I were single.

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      "Sharon" <sharon_b283@...> wrote:


      I'm flattered that I see a quote of mine, here, because I
      haven't posted or read this group in months. Just getting
      over a bout of the flu and have been overwhelmed with email.

      Been following Barack Obama's campaign, that when I see this
      face, of the future, I have to keep a box of kleenex,
      handy! Having lived through the turbulent 50's, 60's
      and 70's, when segregated New Orleans, was awash
      in racism, I can't believe I lived through it!

      I stand by what I posted and report that, I am convinced, that the
      Obama, phenomenon and all of the interracial kids, I watched grow
      up in my own parish, a parish, as international as the globe itself!

      I live in an area, that the anchor employer, is the US government,
      that had GI's married to foreign women, especially German women,
      that they met, whild stationed overseas, which is why I chose the
      workplace as a common area that like minds, have to interact.

      In my case it was telecommunications, where the same arena exists.
      Multi-nationals emigrate to the US to do research and development,
      meet and marry, other Americans, white, black and other!
      Work, equates, like minds, to forcibly meet, date, marry or
      not, but it is a great place, like church, to meet someone.

      In the halls of higher education, it's common for people
      majoring in the same studies, or not, to meet, marry, etc.
      3 places, work, church and school, the 3 most common
      areas, that people come in contact with each other.
      3 of the safest places on earth.

      I am almost 40 years married, don't know the secret, as
      people always ask me, yet online, I've been approached
      over and over as "are you available"?
      I either put them in my "block" list or ignore!
      I'm not adverse to discussing certain things, but I try
      never to get personal or be pressured into "meeting" anyone!

      I'm in a local group, as I live in a "small" city of under
      19,000, where you're bound to know one or more persons
      in any local group. That, doesn't bother me either!
      At a city council meeting, someone called my name
      and about 10 people turned their head to see who I was!
      At a break, 5 or 6 people came over to shake my
      hand, asked could they give me a hug, etc.
      I was flattered, have become close
      to some in my group and the rest?
      I don't care!

      Just be careful, with these online dating sites,
      because they are in business, to make money from YOU!
      "Caveat emptor", let the buyer, beware!


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      "Rosanna" <rosanna_armendariz@> wrote:

      Like I've said on other boards, I've always suspected
      there might be something weird about E-Harmony.
      The couples they show on the commercials look identical, like
      male and female versions of each other, or brother and sister.

      Mad TV did a sketch a while back making fun of them.
      The same actor was dressed as both a man and a woman
      w/the two characters in split screen talking about
      how happy they were to have found each other. LOL!

      And if you've noticed there is now a new site, Chemistry.com,
      that actually points out in their commercials that
      E-Harmony has rejected thousands of people. Hmm.

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      "Sharon" <sharon_b283@> wrote:

      Lesson: Stay far away from bigots!

      Thanks for the info.

      The best place to meet someone is school,
      work, church, fitness clubs, parties.
      I was taught, anyone you meet
      in a bar, you leave there.

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