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Ebony Magazine Features Elizabeth Atkins

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  • wergifts2
    An interview with, Elizabeth Atkins , a fellow Mixie , is
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 22, 2008

      An interview with, Elizabeth Atkins

      a fellow "
      Mixie", is featured

      the February, 2008 edition

      of 'Ebony' magazine.

      Magazine Asks:

      Do light-skinned "blacks" have it easier?

      Elizabeth in Pink

      Elizabeth Atkins Answers

       Read her column in the February, 2008 

      of Ebony magazine.

      Ebony Cover

      Who's Lovin' Who?

      That's the headline on the February, 2008
      edition of Ebony Magazine that features
      Elizabeth Atkins' provocative insights
      on whether
      light-skinned "blacks" are
      happier, more successful and more
      accepted than their darker-skinned
      brothers and sisters.

      Who gets more love?

      Turn to page 164 to find out!

      It's a HOT topic!

      Elizabeth wants to
      talk more about it - with you!

      As a Diversity Speaker with
      the American Program Bureau,
      Elizabeth offers life-changing perspectives
      to uplift and inspire men and women
      at your
      company, college or conference.

      She draws upon her experience
      as the biracial daughter of
      a former priest and a judge
      to share a powerful message: 

      Never judge a book by its cover.

      With a master's degree in journalism
      from Columbia University,
      this University of Michigan English Major has
      appeared as a race relations expert on Montel

      And she celebrated her fitness
      success story on Oprah.

      Now ... she feels called to share her
      empowering, insightful insights
      on race, writing and life
      ...with you!

      You can invite
      Elizabeth to speak by contacting

      Andrew Walker at 800-225-4575

      or by clicking here to contact her

      Speaker's Bureau

      Elizabeth is the Bestselling Author
      of 11 books, including White Chocolate
      Dark Secret, Twilight and her latest release,

      Other People's Skin:  Four Novellas 
      (Simon & Schuster). 

      Her story, Take It Off! showcases
      the pain, pleasure and personal power of being
      a light-skinned woman in race-obsessed America. 

      Click Here to visit Elizabeth's Website.


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