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Being Considered "black"

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  • wergifts2
    Perhaps the reason that you are not comfortable with someone labeling you with a mono -racial term (such as Black ) is because the application and use of
    Message 1 of 3 , Dec 2, 2006

      Perhaps the reason that you are not comfortable with someone
      labeling you with a "mono"-racial term (such as 'Black') is
      because the application and use of said terms results in
      the verbal denial of your full "multi"-racial lineage.

      If you are of "multi"-racial lineage -- then you are 'Mixed'.
      If you are 'Mixed', then a "mono"-racial term would not fit you.

      It sounds as if your dad is from a generation wherein
      passive acceptance of the One-Drop Rule was commonplace
      (likely for survival and possibly for a feeling of community).

      The One-Drop Rule (wherein it states that if a person
      of Mixed-lineage has 'any' amount of African-admixture
      in thier ancestry, then they must be falsely placed
      in the category of the "mono"-racial label of 'black').

      What is particularly distressing about this is that some
      people in the Mixed-community who claim to fight against
      the One-Drop Rule in general, will often think nothing of
      using a double standard to falsely apply it to those Mixed
      people who are of MGM-lineage, rather than of FGM-lineage.

      The truth of the matter is that 'Mixed is Mixed'
      -- no matter one's ancestral chronology and if the
      One-Drop Rule should not apply to one Mixed type
      -- then it should not apply to any Mixed type.

      Also, you may find the links listed
      below to be of particular interest.

      An example of a Multi-racial `Ethnic' Group:

      Comments on the racist `One-Drop Rule':

      Comments regarding Hereditary "Racial" Traits:

      [[MGM-Mixed=MULTI-GENerationally MIXED
      FGM-Mixed=FIRST-GENerationally MIXED]]

      "aceress376" <aceress376@y...> wrote:

      I don't know why, but I've always had a
      problem with people calling me 'Black'.
      For one, my skin is a redish brown and I have more
      traits going towards my Native American Ancestry.
      I don't fell unique if someone labels me as black
      and I want to know if my dad is right when he says
      "if you have just one ounce of African in you, your whole
      genetic structure takes on the dominant African Genes."
      I want to know if this is true, and if it is, why do I look
      so Native American and My little brother look Caucasian.
      My appearance and my little brother's
      appearance makes me doubt this statement.

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