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Re: I love being mixed!

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  • Anthony Boxill
    I totally agree Anthony wergifts2 wrote: Hi Darien, Just wanted to say ... WOW ... what a great introduction ... and ... welcome to
    Message 1 of 4 , Nov 25, 2006
      I totally agree

      wergifts2 <soaptalk@...> wrote:
      Hi Darien,

      Just wanted to say ... WOW ... what a great
      introduction ... and ... welcome to 'MGM-Mixed'! !! :)

      We are very glad to see
      that you have become a part of
      our online community and so excited to see how positive
      you are about embracing your full lineage and ancestry.   =D>

      This is a great group; we are sure you will have the
      chance to meet a lot of fantastic new friends here;
      and we are looking forward to hearing more from you !! ;;)

      Welcome again Darien -- and have a great day!!! :)

      -- W

      In MGM-Mixed@yahoogrou ps.com,
      "darienmccarthy" <darienmccarthy@ ...> wrote:

       I love being mixed. I dont hate any other race!
       I get to know others by their food be it thai, brazilian,
       the various arab nations, the various latin and asian foods.
       I've been to a few countries while serving in the military
       and the best part of the system is they allow me to
       be BOTH!! Yes they have a catagory which puts me
       as (european white-afro american black) I love it!
       I never grew up confused cause
       I had both parents growing up.
       My father being Irish/canadian mohawk my mother
       being Black/eastern band cherokee...wow huh?
       If you want to see what this Mix looks like check me
       out in the photos second page titled "mac and cub"
       My little angle's mother is of island heritage so
       the little one has a beautiful complextion with my hair!
       Never let no one dictate who or what you are,
       thats something YOU should do! And never hide it.

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