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Subject: 'African-Americans' are a 'MULTI-RACIAL'... "ETHNIC" Group (not a 'RAC

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  • wergifts2
    COMMENT: We must all try to remember, reinforce and teach the fact that the term African-American is an ETHNIC (not Racial ) categorization -- and this
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 19, 2004

      We must all try to remember, reinforce and teach the
      fact that the term 'African-American' is an ETHNIC
      (not 'Racial') categorization -- and this particular
      'Ethnic' grouping is MULTI-RACIAL (not 'Mono-Racial').

      Seeing that most people who lay claim to being
      'AFRICAN-AMERICAN' are, in reality, of a
      "Tri-Racial" ancestral heritage (i.e. Black /
      Amerindian / White) --- it only seems reasonable
      and logical that this specific group, should, in fact,
      actually (like 'Latinos') be listed as a 'Multi-racial'
      (rather than a 'Mono-racial') "ETHNIC" group.

      It must be pointed out that 'AFRICAN-AMERICAN'
      is actually an ETHNICITY (not a RACE) and is
      currently listed in the 'BLACK' RACIAL category
      -- rather than in the MULTI-RACIAL category.

      (The use of this word ETHNICITY can be compared to
      it's usage found in descriptions of those groups in the
      "WHITE" RACIAL category --- such as 'Swedish' or 'Irish')


      Not every person --- who claims to be of the 'AFRICAN-AMERICAN'
      ETHNICITY -- also lays claim to being of the "BLACK" RACIAL group.

      [For instance, Senator Hilary Clinton -- who clearly identifies
      as being of the "WHITE" RACIAL group, also lays claim to an
      'AFRICAN-AMERICAN' ETHNIC heritage -- when, after reviewing
      her family tree, discovered that she also was, in fact, the
      descendant of a survivor of American 'Negro Chattel Slavery'
      (as opposed to the more temporal White-Indentured-Servitude').

      Again, Senator Clinton is not, and does not in any way claim
      to be of the 'BLACK' RACE, yet can and does rightfully
      make a claim to an 'AFRICAN-AMERICAN' ETHNICITY.]

      Contrary to popular myth, most of those who belong the
      'AFRICAN-AMERICAN' ETHNIC grouping, do not focus
      on some issue of an "ancient `white-only' ancestor"
      by which to lay claim to their "MIXED" heritage.

      In fact, because those of the 'AFRICAN-AMERICAN' ETHNICITY are
      `MULTI-GENERATIONALLY MIXED" -- the matter of the `amounts'
      (percentages, quantums, etc.) or `timing' or "white" or other
      "non-black" admixtures are not really issues for them
      (much the same as they are not really issues for other
      MULTI-GEN MIXED groups such as Latinos, Arabs, etc.).


      Not every "BLACK" person living in America, can lay
      claim to the 'AFRICAN-AMERICAN' ETHNIC heritage
      (as only those who descended from the survivors of the
      'Negro Chattel-Slavery System' can make this claim).

      [ex. There are more than a Billion 'Black' persons on the
      planet -- yet only 13 Million of them can claim to being
      descendants of the Survivors of the American System of
      'Negro-Chattel Slavery' (i.e. 'AFRICAN-AMERICAN' ETNNICITY)]

      There are many "Black-Americans" who live in the United States.
      These "Black-Americans", however, ARE NOT a part of
      the 'AFRICAN-AMERICAN' (mixed-raced) ETNNIC group.

      For instance, if one were a naturalized U.S. citizen from
      the African nation of Nigeria, one would be called a
      "Black-American" (race-nationality) and one's
      `ethnicity' would be considered as "Nigerian".
      (Much like if one were a naturalized U.S. citizen from
      the European nation of Italy, one would be called a
      "White-American" (race-nationality) and one's
      `ethnicity' would be considered as "Italian".)

      For multiple generations, the AFRICAN-AMERICAN ETHNIC grouping
      was simply referred to as "colored" (i.e. "mixed"-raced), then with
      the "Black Power" movement of the 1960s replacing the "Civil Rights
      Movement" and with people-of-color, world-wide responding to the
      growing support of the `nationalism' taking place in
      formerly `colonized'
      African nations – many leaders of the then new "Black Power" movement
      began demanding that society refer to both them and all others
      of the AFRICAN-AMERICAN ETHNIC grouping as being "Black"

      Originally, this was simply a `political'-identification – but later
      erroneously applied by society as a `racial'-identification (in other
      words the those belonging to the AFRICAN-AMERICAN ETHNIC
      grouping were now being forced to "pass" themselves off as being
      "black" (racially, not politically – as they had originally intended).

      It's high time people began to once again acknowledge and respect the
      historical and dna-based evidentiary fact that those who are a part
      of the
      AFRICAN-AMERICAN ETHNIC grouping are actually (and generally, quite
      clearly) of a mixed-racial heritage and, in fact, are not "Black-
      (racial-nationality) – but rather are MGM-Americans (racial-
      [NOTE: MGM=MULTI-GENerationally MIXed (multi-racial/ethnic)]

      --- Gifts


      It is UNKNOWN why the US CENSUS BUREAU decided to refer
      to 'everyone and anyone who was of some part 'black'
      racial lineage' as being 'African-American'.

      This is particularly upsetting when one realizes
      how deeply that action has both harmed and offended
      the true 'African-Americans' and that this ETHNIC
      group has NEVER ONCE asked anyone to identify them
      (or anyone else) by their 'ethnic categorization'
      rather than 'racial identification'.

      When asked, most of those of the 'African-American'
      ETHNICITY will usually say something along the lines of:

      "I don't know why people started calling me
      by the term 'African-American'…it was like,
      one day I was 'Black' (Mixed, Bi-racial, Mulatto,
      etc.) then I woke up the next day and everyone was
      identifying me by my 'ethnicity', rather than by my
      own 'racial identification' -- and worst of all ..
      no one even asked me for my permission to do so."

      It seems almost conspiratorial that the Census Bureau
      choose to do this to only one (1) ETHNIC group ... --
      (i.e. -- deciding to exploit it as being a full RACIAL
      'representative' for the Bureau's 'statistics' when
      lumping together 'figures' about a given "race").

      For instance, it is highly unlikely that the
      Census Bureau would have made the mistake of writing
      it's form "Swedish and/or White" -- for the simple
      fact that obviously not every person of the
      WHITE race is also of the Swedish ethnicity.

      Unfortunately, for the 'African-Americans',
      thanks to the Census Bureau, every negative
      and unkind statistic about the "BLACK" RACE
      (ranging from welfare rolls, to prison records,
      to unwed birthrates, to HIV/AIDS statistics,
      to academic failure and drop-out, and so on)
      is falsely (and clearly unfairly) attributed
      to this one (1) rather small ETHNIC group.

      If that doesn't seem horribly unfair and abusive
      -- imagine how the Swedes or the Irish would feel
      if every negative behavior committed by those of
      the "WHITE" Race (ex. The Holocaust) were attributed
      to their ETHNIC group -- due to some government
      bureaucrat creating an inherently flawed form
      due to their lack of understanding or care of the
      difference between an ETHNIC and a RACIAL group.

      Again, we must all try to remember, reinforce and teach
      the fact that the term 'African-American' is an ETHNIC
      (not 'Racial') categorization -- and this particular
      'Ethnic' grouping is MULTI-RACIAL (not 'Mono-Racial').

      [NOTE: MGM=MULTI-GENerationally MIXed (multi-racial/ethnic)]

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